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In the manufacturing, service, retail and hospitality industries, minimum-wage workers often make up the bulk of a company's employee ...

In the manufacturing, service, retail and hospitality industries, minimum-wage workers often make up the bulk of a company's employee base. However, hiring and retaining high-quality hourly workers poses some serious challenges to employers. Knowing where to look for candidates, how to schedule workers and how to keep employees motivated are key to building a strong workforce.

With the right approach to managing minimum-wage workers, you can:

  1. Reduce employee turnover.
  2. Improve customer service.
  3. Minimize lost productivity due to high turnover.
  4. Improve employee satisfaction.

Hire the best

Making smart hiring decisions is crucial to building a high-quality workforce. Taking the time upfront to determine the skills a job requires and the personality or attitude you want from an employee will pay off in the end.

Train employees

Employees who are thrown into the mix without any training are often quick to hand in their resignation. Give your new employees the tools they need to succeed with adequate training. Ensuring that new workers know how to do their job and understand what's expected of them can reduce employee turnover.

Schedule smarter

If you've got a number of part-time hourly workers, scheduling shifts can be a hassle. Scheduling too many workers for a single shift can lead to boredom and scheduling too few can lead to highly stressful situations. Either way, the result can be a drop in employee morale and ultimately, increased turnover.

Track hours and calculate paychecks

Keeping track of employee hours can be a chore if you do it manually. Likewise, processing paychecks requires you to calculate overtime and tax deductions. Errors on employee paychecks can be frustrating for workers and can sap motivation. Simplify the task and ensure accuracy with popular software programs.

Promote from within

If minimum-wage workers see no opportunity for advancement at your company, chances are they won't stay long. By promoting your best minimum-wage workers to positions of greater responsibility and authority, you motivate your entire staff.

Reward great employees

Motivate minimum-wage workers by rewarding performance. Provide an incentive for employees by setting goals. For instance, reward employees who reach a certain weekly or monthly sales figure, or offer a token of gratitude if a customer notes exemplary customer service.

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