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Mapics Software

Apryl Beverly

Control your business activities with Mapics software

Mapics software was originally used as a control system for manufacturing, accounting and production information.

Today, mapics software is widely known throughout the business industry as the leading solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP)–-which includes all of your business activities. Software mapics ERP helps businesses control and manage various activities including sales, marketing, accounting and human resources.

MAPICS is one of the best known ERP/mapics software providers. The MAPICS software solution was created by IBM more than 30 years ago to assist companies with manufacturing resource planning. In 2005, MAPICS was acquired by Infor Global Solutions, a mid-sized ERP software company based in Georgia. Consider the following mapics program features to determine if the software is right for your business:

1. Offers special features for your specific business processes;

2. Manages all business activities with one mapics application;

3. Provides software products from a variety of mapics software providers.

Customize your MAPICS software solution

Mapics software is customizable and can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. Professional consultants are available to advise you on the best solution to help you address your business problems. Mapics quoting software allows you to automate your quote and order placement process.

Start managing your processes with off-the-shelf Mapics software

MAPICS, now Infor, offers businesses a variety of ERP management solutions. You can choose from several standard products or you can choose to purchase a custom mapics computer application.

Find Mapics software vendors

You can obtain a free mapics software download to test out the features to determine if you like the mapics software products. Many of the products offer demo downloads directly from the Infor website or from other mapics software providers.

  • Mapics software can be used to address a broad range of business problems by streamlining and automating your business activities and processes. While there are endless opportunities of processes you may enhance or automate with a mapics computer application, be sure to implement your ERP in stages and keep your ERP system simple.
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