Marketing Monday: Best Practice Strategies for Driving Social Interaction / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

How do you drive social interaction? A recent study by Burst Media found the effectiveness of social media cues varies widely by medium....

How do you drive social interaction?

Posting frequently and being consistent with the topics you write about, post updates about and tweet are some of the easiest ways to begin building interaction with your target audience.

However, there are other options available.

According to a recent study released by Burst Media, the effectiveness of social media cues in advertising varies widely by the medium the ad appears in. This shouldn't be surprising or new news to any savvy social marketer. Expanding the Conversation: Leveraging Social Media for Brand Interaction took a look at how successful social cues in advertising are. Read on to find out what they uncovered.

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From The Findings

Knowing the numbers can make a difference as your business continues to develop its social strategy. As platforms shift and become more user-oriented, e.g. Facebook's more visual newsfeed, marketers are looking for ways to promote their businesses, brands and products successfully and synonymously with the shifts of social networks. Stepping outside social media and looking at digital ads could help your business reach its social media goals. From the Burst Media findings:

  • 60.9% of respondents who recall brands promoting their social media presence in advertisements say digital ads, on any device, are either very or somewhat effective in encouraging brand interaction on social media. (Tweet this stat!)
  • 54% of women, and 44% of men, who interact on social media via cues in ads cite "to show my support for a brand that I like" as their reason for doing so.
  • 53% of women cited access to special offers, coupons, and/or promotions as a motivation to interact on social via ad cues compared to 36% of men.

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How to Get Noticed

Getting your business noticed is key to building brand awareness, but it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to measure their social success. As marketers, we are constantly battling to get more budget, but it's often difficult to prove the full impact of our efforts. Based on the findings listed above, and some additional ones I'll mention below, here are a few steps your business can take to build brand awareness and their social presence.

  • Use online banner ads. 27% of the survey's respondents notice brand-related social media assets in banner advertising.
  • Focus on engagement. Social influencers say that online ads drive social engagement. Display advertising, video marketing, and other advertising content that includes social buttons or cues can increase your ROI.
  • Look at your target audience. Burst Media found that 73.9% of women say digital ads that feature prompts to social media assets are effective in prompting social interaction. (Tweet this stat!) If women are a large part of your audience, be sure to incorporate social prompts in your ads that are geared to this demographic.
  • Enhance your ads with specific, social-oriented media calls-to-action, such as a hashtag-based coupon offer or a prompt to share brand-related content with friends. These could reap the biggest rewards for your business.

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Social media marketing isn't just taking place on social networks. In other more traditional mediums, such as print and online ads, marketers are using their social presence to create deeper customer engagement and encourage social interaction. If your business is using multiple forms of advertising and across multiple channels, consider the impact of including social cues and CTAs in your next campaigns.

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