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Small businesses may not have the resources that big corporations have available, but every business can optimize their marketing...

A recent report from IBM demonstrates that in order to be successful, marketers have to reevaluate their marketing strategies. According to IBM, leading marketers proactively influence the customer experience across multiple channels through the use of marketing technologies. Small businesses may not have the technology or resources that big corporations have available, but every business can optimize their marketing efforts in three simple steps that allow you to work with what you have.

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Know Your Customers

The first step in successful marketing is discovering just who your customers are. From basic demographics to individual purchase behaviors, your business needs to know who its customers are to market to them more effectively.

  • 76% of top marketers contact their customers to gauge satisfaction, and 75% monitor and track delivery commitments to ensure customers are receiving their orders accurately and on time.
  • 85% of leading marketers deliver personalized messages in real-time through their customer service or call center and through their website (Tweet this stat!).

Small Business Tip: Establish and build a customer data repository that includes purchase behavior, from the time they hit your site to the time they checkout or abandon their cart, the customer service channels they choose to use, and additional products or services they purchase down the road.

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Act on Insights

We're living in a world of "Big Data." Big Data can help your business make more informed decisions. Segmentation, upselling and cross-selling, as well as contact optimization are all possible with statistical and predictive data. Using the figures and data your business has can drive your marketing efforts for greater success. Use your data to look for trends that lead to an increase in sales, customer retention or brand awareness.

  • 84% of leading marketers systematically measure brand awareness and reputation (Tweet this stat!).
  • 60% of top marketers use insights gathered to identify individual customers to target revenue recovery and automatically detect transaction struggles for corrective action.

Small Business Tip: Don't ignore the data. Harness and use it to make more educated decisions. Look for what causes a sales spike and the drivers in customer retention. Even if you just pay attention to these two points, you'll be able to market more effectively.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Your customers want a consistent, great experience every time they interact with your business. By focusing on brand consistency, such as executing on promises made and branding design consistency on every channel, your business can drive multi-channel engagement.

  • 82% of leading marketers deliver brand messages at every point of the customer interaction (Tweet this stat!).
  • 83% of leading marketers collaborate with other business functions to ensure a consistent delivery of the organization's brand message.

Small Business Tip: Take a look at how customers engage with your business and what you can do to make each point of contact and each channel better. Create a brand culture that is known and distributed consistently across each communication channel.

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Marketers need to know their customers better than ever before. Customers want a great experience and if your business can't provide it, they'll turn elsewhere. Businesses of all sizes need to take a look at who their current customers are, collect insights on current customers and website visitors, and then use those insights to deliver a better customer experience at every touch point.

(Image Source: by KROMKRATHOG)

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