Marketing's Mind-Numbing New Era / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Digital technology has unleashed performance-marketing opportunities that have many marketers jumping for joy. However, it also has them...

"Welcome to marketing's new era where technology has ushered in extraordinary new capabilities and mind-numbing complexity." - Tony Uphoff

Digital technology has unleashed performance-marketing opportunities providing data, analytics and ROI metrics that have many marketers jumping for joy. However, it also has them running for cover. Marketing is more complex than ever. In fact, a recent BtoB study found that only 36% of marketers feel their current marketing programs effectively address all stakeholders and 40% feel targeting and segmentation tools are effective in helping them reach their target audience.

Marketing is  always on and customer's want real-time content and responses from businesses they're considering making a purchase from. Additionally, as marketing and technology become more intertwined, complexity in managing both has increased. Look to simplify things so you don't become overwhelmed or lost in data. Some may be touting the accuracy of marketing funnels or if the same structure that's existed in the past still applies. To deal with the complexity of the new purchase process, redefining your marketing funnel is a must so that you can align your efforts with the information buyers seek. Following a marketing funnel that accurately portrays the buying journey of your customers can help with marketing management.

Read the full post on managing marketing complexity from the CEO, Tony Uphoff, on our main blog.

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