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Hospitals and other health care facilities use materials for medical devices throughout the day to diagnose illnesses, treat illnesses ...

Hospitals and other health care facilities use materials for medical devices throughout the day to diagnose illnesses, treat illnesses and save lives. Inexpensive medical equipment parts include items like blood sugar meters, thermometers and surgical drapes.

More costly equipment, which can cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, are items like PET -- positron emission tomography -- scanners and cosmetic lasers. To make purchasing high-dollar items more affordable you can either finance or consider purchasing refurbished medical supply parts, but only if you can get some sort of warranty or guarantee. Sanitation is also another aspect to think about when you buy refurbished since the Food and Drug Administration has classified medical parts into 3 classes to ensure safety and effectiveness within the industry.

Start your search for materials for medical devices with the following in mind:

1. Industry advice

2. Leasing or refurbished options

3. Medical parts from both local and online sources

Get expert advice on medical materials before committing

If you do business in the medical field, you should know that investing in large equipment involves forking out a lot of capital all at once. Consult the industry experts for recommended medical component manufacturers before making a final decision. Many associations devoted to medical devices and materials offer free newsletters as well as advice, and highlight award-winning services and companies.

Save big with refurbished medical components

Medical components, like any other high-dollar items, can be leased or purchased refurbished. And leasing or buying used may be ideal for small business owner who would otherwise have to wait to earn back all of the capital that could have been used elsewhere. Remember that FDA guidelines apply to refurbished equipment too.

Shop parts for medical devices via the Web or with directories for local services

If you don't want the hassle of trying to find a reputable repair or service company, buy medical supply parts from a local company that will have a repair person on staff. Local companies know their own equipment well, which gives them the ability to repair it quickly and with lots of hands-on knowledge. If you shop for new equipment online, make sure you get a list of recommended repair services direct from the manufacturer or distributor.
  • Check out the future of medical device components and materials at Cleveland Clinic's yearly exhibition. Titled "Materials and Processes for Medical Devices," it is held each summer and focuses on clinical and engineering perspectives.

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