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These 3 P's are the big levers to woo clients magnetically. Get ready for sales to skyrocket.

Jay Abraham says preeminence in business and marketing is your ultimate goal. Learn how to be preeminent, and re-define the meaning of excellence in your market.

When you do this, clients gravitate to you. They're magnetically attracted to you and choose you. Then you get to be choosy, only working with ideal clients who have the character traits and fit your profile.

When you implement the strategy of preeminence you've moved from the weak position of “client hunter” to the preferred power position “hunted by clients.”

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Definition of "Preeminence"


But how do you get the attention of your ideal client in a way where they see you as the pre-eminent, world-class choice to help them?

  • Presenting: Public speaking is widely regarded by multiple studies as the number one fear people have. As a consequence, most everybody respects and recognizes the value of somebody who speaks “from a stage.” Speaking in front of groups, and promoting video clips of the speech afterward in your marketing materials to potential clients, is one of the fastest ways to be recognized and gain preeminence.

  • Awards: You've seen “award-winning.” Movies even promote the preamble to this when they say “nominated for 7 Academy Awards.” If the award is well-known enough you don't even have to win. Promote the fact you were nominated in an esteemed and exclusive group.

    Insider tip: you can seek out Awards and nominate your own company or yourself in many cases. Most people in the public-at-large don't know this is how this works. Of course, to win usually requires votes and the dirty little secret is there is a lot of jockeying, positioning, and self-promotion to persuade people to vote for you. This is the way your competitors are playing the game so you should play it this way too. It's ethical as long as you follow the terms of service and rules of the organization bestowing the award.

  • Reviews on Google, Yelp or industry-specific sites: If you have a local business, perhaps the most important thing you can do is implement a review getting strategy. We have a technology platform that reduces friction making it easy for customers to leave reviews. And frees up our business owners to focus on growing their business.

    Whether that solution is something you've been seeking or not, you deserve to implement in your company culture the habit of asking happy, satisfied customers to leave a review on Google, Yelp or your industry-specific review site.

    Word of mouth is the most powerful source of new customers. Yet so many business owners don't intentionally access the power of 24/7 digital word-of-mouth referrals. Will you be among those who continues to leave these valuable dollars on the table?

  • LinkedIn recommendations: LinkedIn recommendations are perhaps even more powerful that online reviews. Why? Because they are tied to a verified professional identity. They are trusted at the highest level because of this. If you have a national or B2B client based business, asking for and receiving a consistent flow of LinkedIn recommendations should be a top priority. 

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  • Book: According to a recent survey, 81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them. Many people hold authors in higher regard giving them higher prestige, higher status and higher Trust than other credentialed people. They trust more and give higher status to authors than PhDs, other academics, and even many professional certifications.

    The above New York Times statistic probably explains the reason why. So many people want to write a book. But they never do. Because they know how difficult the writing process is.

    And that's just the beginning because the publishing process may be even more difficult today. And that's only roughly 20 percent of the 80/20 rule, because marketing your book and ideas and building your business off of that is the 80 percent of the journey that makes all of the blood, sweat, tears and effort to write the book. Worth the investment.

    If you're committed to maybe the #1 business growth lever in today's skeptical, jaded modern society, then writing and publishing your book deserves to be a top priority. You can research and cull through lots of free resources on the internet. Or you can ask me questions or for help.

  • Prestige growing continuing education articles: Writing and publishing articles to establish and grow your thought leadership position are huge building blocks. They often lead to writing your book which is the pinnacle of a thought leadership tool.

    The key is your articles must be clear, compelling and published on an intentional, continuous schedule. This is where you build your audience. They trust you more as time goes on because they read the ideas and continuing education you help them with. The key is to provide helpful, actionable ideas and resources (you can do a soft sell or soft call to action but this is not the place for a sales letter). 

Persistence (Even Perseverance)

Persistence, rising to the level of perseverance or staying “in the game” long enough to be defined as perseverance, is key to achieving any higher performance or even greatness in life. This applies to anything you are pursuing at a higher level than average or mediocre. Who wants to be average or mediocre anyway? Clients appreciate, even expect, your persistence and perseverance in today's uber-competitive economic environment. 

Know persistence and even perseverance will be required before you even start a meaningful project. When you have this mindset going in, the inevitable problems and adversity your face won't devastate you. They'll be stumbling blocks you expected. You apply your creative problem solving to get past them. 

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Final Thought

The “3 P's” and how you can apply them as laid out in this article are three huge levers you can use to vault miles or even light years ahead of your competitors.

You must have the intention to bring them into your company. Then you can develop a process to implement them daily or a couple of times a week. Over time you get the power of compounding building you and your business into a staggering, dominant force in your industry that magnetically attracts more ideal clients to you instead of your competitors.

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