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On the Go: Mobile Apps to Help Run Your Business From Anywhere

Zac Johnson
Zac Johnson

The days of needing to run your business from an office or any physical location are gone.

Now telecommuting and virtual offices are quickly changing the way businesses get work done around the world. 

Mobile has changed nearly every aspect of our lives and if you are still doing business the old way, you are simply missing out.

While the concept of mobile is nothing new, it's the mobile applications that have completely changed the game and brought productivity to a whole new level.

For many entrepreneurs and brand marketers, there is less and less need to have a physical work location or desktop computer.

Most work can now be done through mobile devices and connecting with others through email, chat and video over your mobile device is simply a few clicks of a button.

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When trying to find the best mobile devices and means to run your business from anywhere, you must first understand how your business works and what limitations, if any, mobile has to offer.

To help with this process,, a mobile management company, recommends every business ask and answer the following questions before adopting a mobile strategy into their day to day operations.

  1. How many mobile users and mobile applications need to be supported?
  2. What experience does your organization have with mobile technology deployments?
  3. Can your internal IT staff handle all aspects of mobile lifecycle management?
  4. Do your security policies meet industry requirements?
  5. Technically, operationally and financially, can you keep up with the frequent changes in mobility?

Depending on the size and structure of your business, the process of implementing mobile usage and management into your daily tasks might be easier than you think. For smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs, it can be as simple as adding a few of the top productivity apps into your daily life and business.

To help with this process, we've listed the top mobile apps that many entrepreneurs, CEOs, brands and businesses are using on a daily basis to simply get more done while on the go.

1. & 2. Google Drive/Dropbox

Google Drive/Dropbox: You will never have an excuse again that you left your most important documents or data on your home or work computer. Through services like Google Drive and Dropbox, you can access all of your data anywhere and anytime through your mobile application.

3. Buffer

Buffer: Social media is an important component of all businesses and brands today. However, social media also takes a lot of time and there are many different platforms to send out social updates from. Buffer is a mobile app that lets you schedule in and post updates from all of your favorite social networks all in one easy to use mobile interface.

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4. 1Password

1Password: With all of the different web sites, social networks and user accounts we have set up, how are we supposed to remember them all? An application called 1Password helps with the process while also keeping everything securely stored at all times. Plans are available for individual usage and even teams for business groups and employees.

5. Outbox

Outbox: It seems like technology is changing everything in our lives these days, even the postal mail that we are so used to receiving. Outbox is a service that collects your postal mail, scans it in and then sends it right to your mobile device and email. What a perfect way to clear the clutter and save time.

6. SunRise

SunRise: Does anyone still use a regular calendar on the wall these days? It sure doesn't seem like it, and there really isn't a need since we all have our mobile devices on us at all times. SunRise is one of the top mobile based schedulers out there, which easily connects to your Gmail and mobile device notifications system.

While new applications are coming out all the time, the ones listed above have commonly been noted and given praise from businesses and entrepreneurs all around the world.

Always be sure to check out the latest and top selling business and productivity applications in your mobile app store to see what's currently trending.

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Start implementing mobile technology and business management into your day-to-day operations and get more done while you are on the go. For even more useful and productive mobile applications, check out this article on American Express Open.

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