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Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales This Mother’s Day

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: May 4, 2018
Image credit: Ruth Black/Shutterstock

In 2017, Americans spent $23.6 billion for Mother’s Day, which increased by 10% from the year before. Make the most of your Mother's Day marketing with email, customization and social media.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and with it, the frantic rush to buy the perfect gift for your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, etc. In 2017, Americans spent $23.6 billion for Mother’s Day, which increased by 10 percent from the year before. Additionally, 85 percent of Americans planned to celebrate the holiday. For retailers and spas/salons, Mother’s Day is a critical time to increase foot traffic and profit for the year.

But creating a solid marketing strategy is harder than it seems. Here are three tips on how to drive sales this Mother’s Day.

Gift cards are always a good idea

While there are many great gift options available, gift cards are valuable because they allow the recipient to get what they truly want. Fun fact: in 2017, consumers spent $2.5 billion on gift cards.

Gift cards, e-cards, gift certificates - there are many forms to choose from. And while it’s good to have options, offering customers the generic versions aren’t going to help you sell. A customized and personalized gift card provides the opportunity to show off your brand, vision and voice. For Mother’s Day, get creative with your card options and explore new color palettes, funky fonts and interesting graphics. Starbucks is a prime example of a retailer that allows companies and individuals to tailor their gift card options based on the holiday, season or more.

Social media is a must

In 2017, 81 percent of Americans had a social media profile, a 3 percent growth compared to the previous year. Social media is a quick and easy way to connect with customers and inform them of upcoming promotions and specials or spread the word about your products. For instance, if you own a salon or spa and are running exclusive Mother Day deals, you can post about it across all your social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to gain further attention. Social posts are easily shareable, meaning your followers can spread your posts and increase the reach of your post.

Mother’s Day social media marketing is also a must for any brand. Not only does it include spreading the word about your current promotions, but also running contests and targeted campaigns. A great example is asking your followers to post on your Facebook page about their favorite memory with their mother. Users can then vote on which memory they like the best, and the winner will receive a free day at the salon with their mother. It’s a fun way to engage your community and draw attention to your location.

Don’t forget emails

Social media is thriving, especially in this day-and-age. But the ever important email marketing is still a prominent figure for lead gen and generating foot traffic. Ahead of Mother’s Day, brainstorm an email marketing campaign targeted at your customer base. Consider what you want this campaign to do: Increase profits? Bring awareness to your brand? Or simply show mother’s you’re thinking about them? Whatever your goal is, customize a campaign that ensures consumers that you’re thinking about them.

One thing to remember - if you’re posting about promotions on social media, your email lists should be receiving those same deals. Individuals opt in to receive update emails, meaning your campaigns should be highly targeted and specific to the holiday, season or promotion you’re trying to push.

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