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Mustard is a popular condiment for sandwiches, hot dogs and pretzels, so you must find mustard dispensers if you run a food business ...

Mustard is a popular condiment for sandwiches, hot dogs and pretzels, so you must find mustard dispensers if you run a food business that dishes up these popular menu items. When operating a concession stand, fast food restaurant, food court restaurant, diner or fine dining establishment, the type of mustard dispensers you choose helps represent your business.

The type of mustard you offer customers determines what sort of mustard dispensers you should buy. Regular yellow mustard works with any mustard dispenser, but thicker, gourmet mustard requires a dispenser with a wider spout. When searching for mustard dispensers information, ask yourself the following:

1. How many other condiments will your business offer? If you're offering ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise and any specialty sauces, consider a tiered or compartment mustard dispenser.

2. What type of foods will the mustard go on? For a sandwich shop, customers want either an individual mustard dispenser on their table or a condiment station. Snack shop customers, such as at soft pretzel stands, either need packets of mustard or little cups for dispensing mustard.

3. How heavy is the customer traffic? If you have a lot of inside traffic, you'll need large mustard dispensers, so you're not constantly refilling the mustard during busy times.

Find tiered mustard dispensers for a condiment station

A condiment station is best for fast food businesses or snack concession stands at sports fields and mall food courts. Tiered dispensers let you offer a variety of condiments, or a different variety of one condiment. Filling tiered mustard dispensers with gourmet mustard gives your customers a choice of mustards in one dispenser.

Shop around for the best deals on mustard dispensers

Before buying mustard dispensers, shop around for the best deals. Many companies offer online discounts, free shipping or wholesale prices. It's best to find a restaurant equipment list that has a mustard dispensers directory or mustard dispensers list with pricing and shipping information.

Buy mustard dispensers with personality that represent your business

Not all mustard dispensers need to be large, stainless steel containers or yellow squeeze bottles. For retro diners, themed restaurants and sports concession stands, there are numerous designs that represent your business and give customers a laugh or a nostalgic feeling.
  • Check warranty and return information before buying from a mustard dispensers provider. Some providers let you return products but charge a high percentage as a restocking fee and don't cover return shipping charges.

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