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5 Ways Growth-Focused Businesses Regularly Use Webinars

Nathan Resnick
Nathan Resnick
at Sourcify

Using webinars efficiently and strategically can enhance your business and your brand.

Webinars have taken the business world by storm, and they’re becoming increasingly easier to conduct. Gathering dozens of busy individuals in a single room for an in-person meeting is a tall order in today’s fast-paced professional world, but making time to tune in to a webinar without leaving the office is a breeze.

Webinars are not intended to replace face-to-face interactions with potential clients or consumers entirely. However, they certainly demonstrate an initiative from your end and a taste of the convenience that your brand offers.

If nothing else, we highly recommend dabbling in webinars for the mere sake of exposure. This notion of brand awareness should be attacked from every angle. After your first few you’ll understand their true value and be even more eager coming into the next.

Keep in mind that your webinars have the potential to see hundreds of participants (future clients and consumers) depending on how well you advertise, so let’s go over some topics to keep your discussions fresh.

Below are five ways successful businesses and influencers regularly use webinars:

1) Education

In addition to educating your clients and consumers, consider webinars from a professor’s perspective. According to leading webinar platform ClickMeeting, professors can now virtually share documents, presentations or their entire screen with the class.

Simulated teacher-student engagement has never been so hands-on, as teachers are actually able to take control of a student’s computer and conduct a live software demonstration.

Modern webinar services have more interactive features than the mere video function, enabling a completely intuitive teaching experience. After the webinar, the teacher or presenter can guide the students to a thank-you page with all the necessary documents to follow up the lecture.

As an example, the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities wanted to keep universities in their network updated on current offerings, yet with less time to travel and low budgets, they needed to find a interactive way to engage. That’s why they started implementing webinars through ClickMeeting to keep members updated in a flexible, yet interactive way.

What does all of this have to do with entrepreneurial endeavors, you ask?

Needless to say, yes, this model works for teachers, but it works for businesses looking to provide genuine value to prospects before full-blown conversion takes place, as well.

2) Enterprise

Any established business or aspiring brands ought to keep their branding consistent across all mediums, including webinars. When a participant tunes into your online lecture or demonstration, reassure them that they’re in the right place with a custom webinar layout tailored to your brand.

Adding your logo and color scheme to all user-facing features is a sure way to boost credibility and make your startup look like the established, thriving business that it will soon be. Additionally, these webinars can now be held under your company’s URL as opposed to the webinar service’s site for a more customized and professional experience.

3) Marketing

Depending on your target audience, come up with a brilliant topic (relevant to your brand, of course) and invite guest speakers to partake in your company-sponsored webinar. This is a simple yet promising publicity event. For a more exclusive touch, require registration by attendees and send customized invitations to the registrants.

Encourage your audience to chime in at any time with questions or feedback. This feature is especially useful for demonstrational webinars. That said, allow participants to tune in for an exclusive look at your latest product before it’s released and tell your brand’s story through the voice of the creators.

4) HR & Training

Not all businesses require their employees to be physically present to get a job done. The same thing goes for their training process. Suppose you hired a freelancer to accompany your staff for the duration of a single project and you need to get them up-to-speed. One fantastic webinar feature allows multiple employees to tune in and virtually get the new hire informed on the current project.

Additionally, set your future employees up for success prior to the webinar with ‘waiting room’ content. Here you can post informative documents or brief bullet points about what is to be expected from the lecture or meeting before you begin. They viewer will also get a taste of your branding on this page.

5) Sales

Now is your time to turn any skeptics into lifelong consumers or high-paying clients. Send custom invitations to all desired prospects in your contact list and prove to them that your product or service will solve their problems without asking them to leave the comfort of their home or office.

Be strategic when using this medium for sales purposes, and tailor each invitation for specific contacts. While webinars are designed to accommodate hundreds of viewers, if sales and dollar signs are your motive, settling for one prestigious client could be your key to success.

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