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How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Customer Experience

Nathan Resnick
Nathan Resnick
at Sourcify

The experience customers receive is drastically improved through AI

Most people are familiar with artificial intelligence because of movies like iRobot or Star Wars. Over the years, technology proved that artificial intelligence won’t always be a science fiction myth. In the year 2014 alone, a total of $300 million was invested in AI startup companies, as reported by Bloomberg. AI has been making things much simpler for a lot of businesses which inevitably makes customers happy.

In fact, AI is becoming so big that according to Gartner, 85% of total customer interactions will not be managed by humans as of the year 2020. Forrester is even predicting that AI will take over a total of 16% of American jobs at the end of the decade.

AI and Customer Satisfaction

Because of the development in technology, it is actually possible to communicate with computers the same way that we also communicate with people. The great thing about AI is that it is able to store tons of information in their memory banks and to pull them out any time. This type of function is extremely helpful for many companies in improving customer experience as it gives the customers what they exactly wanted. This adds to the overall customer satisfaction of the public. Remember that customer service is an integral ingredient of customer satisfaction; so the whole fact that AI can strengthen it will immediately ensure a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Applications and Examples of AI and Customer Experience in Action

Over time, many technology companies have been delving into AI and have come up with a lot of interesting results. Siri happens to be one of the most famous apps of them all that aids in the iPhone’s customer satisfaction. For example, if you ask her to search something in Google for you, she will respond and bring you to the Google page with the search results presented.

Another one would be Watson, which is an even smarter AI app. Watson is known to be able to understand and respond to customers through cognition and not just memory banks from a database. In a nutshell, created by IBM, Watson is a problem solving robot that’s been around since 2004. 

What Brands are Using AI to Improve Customer Experience

Of course, I’ve already mentioned how Apple made use of Siri to further help iPhone users get the most out of their phones. Just like Siri, Cortana is also an artificial intelligence assistant that also helps phone users, only Cortana can be found in Windows devices instead of Apple.

We’ve also got Cogito which happens to be a very intelligent customer support robot that improves customer service of customer service representatives.

The travel industry also vastly benefits from AI apps. Take Baarb for example, a platform that uses AI technology to intelligently find the best travel spots for customers. All recommendations made by the platform are personalized and suited for each customer’s wants.  These are only some of the companies that make use of AI for customer experience.

Increasing Customer Loyalty through Personalized Experiences

One of the most wonderful things about AI is how AI can actually make customer experience more personalized through the collection of data and also execution of humanlike traits. AI’s work by first collecting data of their customers and storing them into their memory banks. They then use the information to interact with the customers. The more data that they store, the more intelligently they can interact. In a way, they are almost humanlike. They learn, they remember, then they apply.

How to Use the Customer Data to Personalize Experience

By taking a look at some of the examples given above, we can see how the AI’s use customer data to enhance experience. Siri, for example, stores  information that will allow her to suggest tasks to be carried out for your needs. Baarb also does the same thing, but focuses on your travel preferences to come up with the best trips for your next vacation.

What makes AI’s amazing are their ability to use data stored in their memory and use it to aid customers -- just like a customer service representative would.

AI is slowly becoming an integral part of our lives. With the use of this type of technology, creating good customer experiences for your consumers will be so much easier. With their sharp efficiency and human like traits, AI will definitely take over many tasks that were once done by humans. We just have to be ready for it.

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