Newspaper Circulation and Distribution Key Terms / Business Basics / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Newspaper circulation and distribution is an old business which much learn to keep up with modern times. As many newspaper publishers ...

Newspaper circulation and distribution is an old business which much learn to keep up with modern times. As many newspaper publishers now operate both an online and print version of their newspaper, it is essential to be aware of both traditional and print terminology to help with newspaper circulation and making the most of newspaper circulation supplies.

A lot goes into the printing, management and distribution of a newspaper and knowing the common lingo used by publication, advertising and printing both on and offline is a must. When it comes to the newspaper circulation industry, you should:

  1. Understand that knowledge of advertising and publication terms is helpful to understanding the newspaper circulation business.
  2. Track newspaper circulation data and online traffic to help understand the success of your newspaper distribution services.
  3. Know that embracing online news blogs written by industry professional can help you stay ahead when it comes to the latest terminology.

Understand how publication, advertising and newspaper circulation termsare connected

Besides basic terms such as broadsheet (newspapers that are 17 by 22 inches) and tabloid (newspapers that are approximately 11 by 17 inches), knowing the classic news terms can only help improve your circulation by improving your network and newspaper professionalism. Newspapers deal in both retail and classified advertising, so a little ad lingo can only help.
U.S. Newspaper Program has a great database of the different genres of newspapers. provides a comprehensive list of advertising terminology with the printing process in mind.

Subscribe to online industry news to learn latest terms related to newspaper circulation

Circulation, the number of delivered and sold newspapers on the day of the publication, is different from distribution, which is the number of free newspapers given out. This is just an example of the many terms and industry language one must be acquainted with in today's media business. Online sites offer the latest terminology, names of new products, industry lingo and slang as well as important names in the circulation business.

Learn terminology related to newspaper circulation information through blogs and feeds

Whether you are in newspaper circulation management or other newspaper circulation services, the newspaper circulation industry changes as fast as the headlines. By subscribing to newspaper related blogs and newspaper circulation-related RSS feeds, you can stay up to date on the latest lingo.
  • When dealing with international newspaper circulation,consider learning a few words of the local language or hiring a translator to help navigate the terms of the global newspaper industry.

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