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If you want to increase your donations and grow your organization, it's wise to set up a non-profit trade show exhibit at every ...

If you want to increase your donations and grow your organization, it's wise to set up a non-profit trade show exhibit at every event possible. At these events, potential donors gather to check out the mission of your organization and see how you can help your community. Since a competing firm may very well be set up right next to you, make sure that your non-profit trade show design is the best it can be.

To attract attendees to your exhibit, you have to catch their eye; therefore, your non-profit trade show setup is key. If your exhibit is jumbled and unorganized, with information haphazardly strewn about, that will catch the attendees' attention -- but not in the way you want. To get as many donations as possible, consider the following:

1. Make sure potential donors know about your non-profit trade show display by advertising in non-profit industry publications.

2. Choose a size for your non-profit trade show exhibit. Standard booth space is approximately 10 feet by 10 feet, but many events offer double booth space.

3. Invest in an exhibit that includes a non-profit trade show display board. These are customized just for your company, so have a concept in mind.

4. Decide if you want to sell anything while you're there. If so, you'll need a non-profit trade show display case to maximize donations.

Advertise your non-profit trade show booth before the event

Getting the word out about the trade show is imperative for a good turnout. The more people who know about your booth, the greater your chances of walking away with lots of donations for your organization. Advertising for non-profit organizations is usually very affordable, and there are quite a few resources for you to use.

Use workstations in your non-profit trade show exhibit

Kiosks and counters within your exhibit can be used for individualized service. Have one of your organization's representatives oversee each workstation and give prospective donors one-on-one attention. You can customize these fixtures with your logo or any other images that promote your organization's goals, so these are great for any non-profit.

Buy a non-profit tradeshow display in the pop-up style

Pop-up units fold for easy transportation; you simply pop up the "walls" when you're ready to set up your exhibit. The walls lock into place and display large-format advertisements. Or, you could opt for any other display board that requires minimal setup effort, like a trifold board. Every non-profit portable trade show exhibit is customizable, so have your artwork ready.

Showcase goods and services by using a non-profit trade show display case

A good way to advertise your organization is to use display cases for promotional materials. Cases range from large, glass cases to countertop displays made from lightweight acrylic. Promotional products and items you're selling in exchange for a donation are great for large display cases. You can also set out brochures in smaller display stands so potential donors can learn more about what your organization does.
  • If you're having trouble figuring out how to best configure your non-profit trade show exhibit, consider hiring a consultant that specializes in non-profit trade show services. This person can help you design your exhibit so that you attract an optimal number of potential customers.

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