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Not Your Ordinary Cubicle: 6 Ways to Liven Up Your Workspace

Lucinda Watrous

Work might be dull, but your desk doesn't have to be.

Spark your imagination with color. Breathe life into everything—even your copy paper!

After all, your boring cubicle may as well be your second home. Who says it has to feel like a prison?

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1. Add a Plant

Plants do more than freshen our air. They can also reduce stress and boost productivity by up to 12 percent. If you don’t have a lot of room, or if you’re worried about your green thumb actually being black, opt for a succulent. These plants thrive on less water than most, so they’re really hard to kill.

Other good office plants include: parlor palm, mini cactus, aloe vera, fittonia, and snake plant. These plants are all fairly small and require little water or attention—some only require water once a week. Each of these will help improve air quality at night, making for a better working environment during the day. Plus, aloe is great to have on hand in the summer to help treat that post-vacation sunburn.

2. Get Creative with Your Storage

Look for ways to reuse colorful items and get crafty with your space. Finished with that ream of paper? Cover your copy paper box in colorful Scotch® tape for a fun storage solution. It’ll add a pop of color to your environment.

Don’t go for the standard cup for your pens and pencils. Instead, find a way to add your personal touch. Add ribbon, crystal embellishments, glitter, and more to your heart’s desire. You can also do this with file holders meant to hang on the cubicle wall.

3. Add Color to Your Cubicle Walls

Drab gray walls have you depressed? No problem! Cut a few strips of fabric to match the visible area of the cubicle wall behind your computer. Tack it up with pins or Velcro, and you’ve got a nice backdrop for photos, inspirational quotes, or whatever else makes you happy.

Create a mural by splitting your favorite image into printable sized parts. Hang the tiles on a blank space on your cubicle walls. Put your favorite family photos in colorful frames and hang those on your cubicle wall with Velcro. That way you can keep your family close without taking up valuable real estate on your desk. Use decorative, colorful pins to tack things up on the wall for an extra punch of style.

4. Have Fun with Magnetic Poetry

We can’t forget your filing cabinet now, can we? A magnetic poetry kit or two can be just what you need to have a little fun. Use it to leave yourself funny messages to put a smile on your face, or invite your favorite coworkers to do the same.

5. Make Your Chair More Comfortable…and Cute

Find a funky pillow or lumbar support cushion you love to bring with you to the office. Alternatively, you could use a sheepskin chair cover to make your seat more comfortable. You’re spending about eight hours a day in that chair, so it should be comfortable and cute.

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6. Work Out at Your Desk

Get a small desk cycle. It should fit under your desk so you can “ride” a bike while you work to keep the blood flowing. And, if your hands or wrists are feeling the brunt of the exhaustion after a long day in front of the desk, you can move it up to work your hands and arms a bit. It may not make your cubicle look more fun, but you’ll at least feel better about being stuck there for the day.

There are plenty of things you can do to liven up your workspace, but before you do anything you should clear it with management to make sure you don’t add anything against company policy. When you have your space personalized with things you love, you may even find you’re looking forward to coming into the office every day, and getting more done while you’re there. Just be careful not to overdo it with the accessories or your space may become so cluttered you actually hurt your productivity.

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