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Prices for quality office cubicles can be steep, costing several hundred to several thousand dollars each. However, buying cheaper ...

Prices for quality office cubicles can be steep, costing several hundred to several thousand dollars each. However, buying cheaper office dividers and cubicles may cost more over time if they can't stand up to daily use and need to be replaced or repaired. Additionally, buying quality workstations that fit your employees and help them get their work done can boost efficiency.

Consider the following when outfitting your office with cubicles that suit your budget and employees:

1. Get a scale drawing of your office space, or measure it yourself to get an idea of how much room is available for office cubicles.

2. List details of the work your employees need to do at their cubicles. Workstations needed to accommodate sales representatives will be very different from ones chosen for software designers.

3. When choosing cubicle size and wall height, consider whether employees often need to converse with each other to get their jobs done or whether they meet with clients at their cubicles.

4. Make a budget for the purchase, and determine how to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Some companies have more affordable used office cubicles for sale as well as refurbished ones that look new and are well built.

5. Buy from an office cubicle provider who will work with you to design a system that fits your needs and offers a warranty on business office cubicles.

Get help with office space planning and design

The first thing to consider when installing office cubicles and office dividers at your company is how to make the most of the space you have available. Look into free design services offered by many companies that sell office cubicles.

Increase versatility with panel-system office dividers

If you expect immediate growth at your office, panel dividers offer an easy way to expand cubicle spaces or add new ones.

Stretch your budget by purchasing refurbished office dividers and cubicles

Used and refurbished cubicles can cost about half as much as new ones. Some used office dividers and refurbished workstations also come with warranties, and you may be able to choose any fabrics that are used for the refurbishment.

  • Order early to avoid problems from unexpected delays in delivery. It can take up to 6 weeks for office cubicle providers to deliver new or remanufactured workstations. Delivery can be delayed as long as 10 weeks if you place an order during a supplier's busy time.
  • Be aware that some companies have a minimum order requirement for refurbished office dividers and used cubicles for sale.

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