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How to Set Your Office Up for Success

Chris Christoff
Chris Christoff

Your office environment contributes more to success than you might think.

Success: it's something that we all hope to achieve in this lifetime. There are plenty of components that go into our success. One of the most important, and sometimes overlooked, parts of being successful is having an environment that promotes achievement.

Your office space is where you'll spend most of your time. It doesn't matter if you're working from home or in a large office with your own cubicle – if you spend 40-50 hours a week somewhere, the environment is going to rub off on you, for better or worse.

Instead of letting your workspace drag you down, you should take proactive steps to improve your office space. A good office can improve productivity, give you a better sense of control, reduce stress and make your workday just a little bit easier.

We are going to look at some of the best ways you can set your office up for success. Small changes can make a big difference in your life. Here's what you need to know. 

1. Use multiple screens.

The first way you can set your office up for success is by investing in a double screen for your computer. Truthfully, the fast-paced world of technology is only speeding up. There is more data to look through, more information to read and more analytics that need to be analyzed in real time – the tasks never stop.

As a result, multiple screens can help you keep track of all this data without cycling through a million tabs at once. If you work at a job that requires you to constantly monitor data while completing other tasks throughout the day, multiple screens can benefit you. 

Furthermore, you can use split screens to set up your tasks for the day. It's much easier to work from left to right when you see what's ahead. When you prioritize your work for the day, it can help make you a more productive employee and help you keep your eyes on the prize.

2. Clear out clutter.

You may have heard that clutter is a trademark sign of a creative soul. While there is truth to this, you should still try to keep your office space as clean as possible every single day. Why?  

The National Association of Professional Organizers discovered that disorganization can result in a financial loss upward of 10 percent of a manager's salary. That number is no laughing matter, regardless of where you work.

Organizing your space is easier than you might imagine. You can follow a 10-minute rule every morning. Before you start work for the day, clean all of the junk lying around on your desk that you're not going to need for the day.

Small things like having a clean desk can have a huge impact on your overall success.

3. Focus on lighting.

Everyone knows that you need quality lighting to work well, but did you know that different types of lighting can impact the quality of your work?

Harvard University released a full piece explaining how natural light can help increase productivity and reduce stress. Another study revealed that when you use natural sunlight in your office as opposed to an artificial source of light, your health can dramatically improve!

The survey revealed that businesses that use electrochromic glass for their natural sunlight experienced concrete results. Fifty-two percent of people said that they don't experience eye strain from the natural light. It gets better – 72 percent also confirmed that they would never get headaches due to the use of natural light with electrochromic glass. This compares favorably to the 46-percent mark of those who work in an office that uses traditional low-E glass.

In other words, open those blinds and let the sun in. You'll see a serious change in how you think and feel, which promotes success in the office space.

4. Check your seat.  

It sounds like common sense, right? You have to be comfortable while you're working in your office if you want to be successful. Surprisingly, there are ways that you are making yourself uncomfortable without even realizing it.

First, make sure you have a comfortable chair. You're going to be sitting in this chair for upward of eight hours a day, five days a week. That's a lot of sitting. You can look into an ergonomic chair that you can sit in comfortably.

A good office chair and ergonomic training can improve your productivity by 17.5 percent. Generally speaking, these are some traits of a good chair:

  • Proper lumbar support

  • Adjustable seat so your feet can comfortably rest on the floor without straining

  • Armrests that allow you to position your elbows at a 90-degree angle while typing

  • Proper neck support

A new chair is worth the investment. It can change the way you work if you're comfortable and happy while you accomplish your daily tasks. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to finish the day without back pain and discomfort?

The bottom line

Success is an ongoing process. As you continue working in your home office or business, you'll discover that small changes can make a world of difference.

When you have the proper lighting, a comfortable seat and the ability to monitor all your data at once, all while working in a clutter-free environment, you're setting yourself up to be the best version of yourself possible.

As you start making these changes in your office, pay attention to how much you're getting done daily. Once you realize the full impact of making your office a comfortable place, you'll begin to wonder how you ever worked any other way.

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