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Office Stereotypes: Who Is Your Dunder Mifflin Doppelganger?

ByAshtyn Douglas, writer
Feb 24, 2015
> Business Basics

If you identify with two or more of the following character traits, congratulations! You’ve found your office doppelganger from the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Michael Scott

Michael Scott, manager

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re in a position of power, yet those around you wonder how you got there.
  • You’ve made many trips to HR for making too many “that’s what she said” jokes at inappropriate times.
  • You call unnecessary meetings and are involved in office gossip.
  • You have a negligent management style and prioritize birthdays over sales goals.
  • You want to be loved by all and have an extreme desire to be the center of attention.

Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert, sales

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re a sales or marketing guy.
  • You’re a certified smart ass, but a loveable kind. Everybody likes you.
  • You view your job as a job and nothing else, keeping to yourself the majority of the time.
  • You’re okay with office romances, as long as things stay private.
  • You’re constantly saying something sarcastic under your breath.
  • You’re bored with your job and wonder if you’re wasting your life away.

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Pam Beesly

Pam Beesly, receptionist

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re an office administrator or assistant.
  • You too are okay with dipping the pen in company ink.
  • You’re generally shy, but you do your job well and are extremely patient with your supervisor, even when he tries to date your mom.
  • Your job is a job, and you do it well, but your real passion lies elsewhere. You may have left your job a time or two to pursue that passion, but in the end you missed your company and your colleagues.
  • You’ll go the extra mile to make others happy, but you enjoy being in on other people’s pranks.

Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute, sales

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re militant about everything you do, say, and wear; and because of this quality, you’re one of the highest ranked employees.
  • You lack all social skills and demand authority from all, apart from your boss (whom you view as a God).
  • Sometimes, you’re arrogant and domineering, so people like to ruffle your feathers.
  • You have an affinity towards regulation, Battlestar Galactica, weapons and beet farming.

Toby Flenderson

Toby Flenderson, HR

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re soft-spoken and generally try to stay clear of overly-chatty individuals.
  • You find yourself to be the brunt of many people’s jokes, because you’re generally passive and you’re in HR.
  • You have a very sad, sad crush on someone in the office who never seems to notice you (and you’ve considered fleeing the country in self-pity).
  • Your relationship with the head honcho is strained on behalf of his constant inappropriateness.

Kelly Kapoor

Kelly Kapoor, customer service

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re a customer service representative, which is fitting as you’re extremely talkative.
  • You’re a teenage girl in an adult body, preferring to talk about boys, office gossip and fashion.
  • You spend 75% of your time at work online shopping, updating your Facebook status, or annoying your introverted colleagues.
  • You want to get married and have babies with the office temp, but he can barely stand you (until you two run away together).

Angela Martin

Angela Martin, accounting

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re in the finance department and see things in very black and very white.
  • You generally disapprove of colleagues’ behavior, and sometimes your words can be condescending, judgmental and cold.
  • You frown on all things tasteless and frivolous, unless you’re talking about your hoard of cats. You have a deep-rooted passion for your pets.

Andy Bernard

 Andy Bernard, sales

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re in a management position, but you can feel insecure at times and resort to anger when frustrated.
  • You were groomed in an Ivy League and always arrive at the office wearing a sweater-vest, colored pants, bowties and anything J. Crew.
  • You love giving nicknames to everyone in the office, like “Big Tuna” and “Big Turkey".
  • Sometimes your arrogance annoys others, but they all know you mean well.

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Meredith Palmer

 Meredith Palmer

(Source: NBC)

  • You, to an extreme extent, are okay with saying inappropriate things in the office.
  • You like to party and come to work every so often with a hangover.
  • You get hurt on the job for unrelated things- like your boss hitting you with his car or being sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher.

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton, quality assurance

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re technically in quality assurance, but no one really knows what you’re up to.
  • You’re older than the rest of your colleagues and was once a full-blown hippie.
  • You’re incredibly mysterious (sometimes strange) and steal things around you.

Phyllis Vance

Phyllis Vance, sales

(Source: NBC)

  • You’re a sales rep.
  • You’re a sweet, motherly figure to those around you and are in a loving relationship with your husband.
  • You take your bosses crude words too personally sometimes, and you can sometimes be passive aggressive with those you butt heads with.

Stanley Hudson

Stanley Hudson, sales

(Source: NBC)

  • If you had the chance to be stranded forever on an island, you would take nothing but your Sudoku or weekly crosswords.
  • You’re in your job for the money, and generally dislike all company get-togethers.
  • People would love to see you smile a little more.

Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone, accounting

(Source: NBC)

  • Um…

Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez, accounting

(Source: NBC)

  • Sometimes you feel alone in the office, thinking you’re the only normal person.
  • You’re rational, most likely an accountant, quiet and smart.
  • You tend to be realistic, when the ideas of your colleagues seem outrageous.
Ashtyn Douglas
Ashtyn Douglas
See Ashtyn Douglas's Profile
Ashtyn Douglas is a Social Media Team member and B2B marketing content writer at Media, Inc. Her favorite B2B topics include social media, mobile marketing, sales optimization techniques, and content creation. Ashtyn studied Business and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego developing her passions for research and writing. She went on to pursue work in Ad Operations and Social Media for both small and medium-sized businesses. When she doesn't have her nose in a book or computer screen, you can find her surfing.
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