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Finding it hard to keep up with your increasing number of HR applications? Here are 3 all-in-one apps that can simplify your department.

Are you using a whole bunch of applications within your HR department? Perhaps it’s time to look for one solution that does the lot.

HR apps are increasingly being pumped with extra functionality - giving human resources departments the ability to manage all their day-to-day activities without having to use separate software.

Business cloud apps are growing ever more connected and robust; HR software is no exception to this trend.

People are looking for HR apps that are robust and full of features.

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According to a recent GetData study, an app’s feature set is the biggest consideration for people when choosing an HR app, with more than 38 percent of respondents citing features as their most important criteria. This may seem like a no-brainer, but traditionally HR apps have been segmented into different packages for different solutions.

“A few years ago the approach for many organizations was to purchase ‘best in breed’ solutions for whatever the HR function might be. You bought the best learning management system, the best recruiting system, etc. and cobbled everything together,” HR strategist and technology professional Tiffani Murray noted in GetApp’s GetRank Q3 HR software report, HR in the Cloud.

Now, HR vendors are opting to add more native features to their apps to make them a one-stop solution to eliminate the problem of trying to Frankenstein integrations from multiple vendors into one clunky and awkward solution. This bundling strategy, Murray adds, seems to be catching on.

Features that were traditionally reserved for standalone applications are now being bundled into HR software, and it can be seen in lots of popular products. Here are some examples of apps that offer multiple HR functions:


BambooHR is a prime example of an HR app that has tools such as time and attendance tracking. It handles time-off requests, employee benefits, and contact information. It also provides reports on employee retention, turnover rates, and compliance metrics.


TribeHR also has excellent built-in talent management tools: it’s got an applicant tracking system, social network integration, a job board, and hiring teams. This allows Tribe to do some of the heavy-lifting when it comes to recruitment. Another neat feature of TribeHR is its kudos system that allows employees to publicly congratulate one another.

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FinancialForce is probably the closest product on the market to hitting the “all-in-one” solution. The recruitment tools in its Human Capital Management application are robust; you can centralize job postings across multiple networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), job referrers can be tracked and rewarded, and if the person gets hired, FinancialForce generates a job offer letter that can be signed electronically. There’s also detailed goal-tracking and their time and attendance feature allows for data to be fed through an API, which makes it easier to export data.

But what sort of problems does an HR with lots of features solve? Brian Westfall, a senior market research analyst at Software Advice, said that it’s going to save time and headaches.

“For one, you’re not going to have a problem with separate systems having trouble integrating with one another. If everything’s in one system from one vendor, workflow and integration tends to go more smoothly,” says Westfall.

Westfall added: “You don’t have to log an employee’s hours in your attendance system and then again for payroll. From a training standpoint, with the growth of employee self-service functionality, it’s also nice that employees only have to learn how to use one or two systems, instead of many.”

Of course, features and integrations shouldn’t be the only thing you look for when choosing an HR app. You should also think about factors such as the number and quality of user reviews, security, and mobile compatibility, which are all factors analyzed in GetApp’s ranking of HR software, GetRank.


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