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Doctoral programs enable students to gain the highest levels of proficiency possible in their subject, while preparing them to push the ...

Doctoral programs enable students to gain the highest levels of proficiency possible in their subject, while preparing them to push the limits in their specialty, if they so desire.

More than one-third of U.S. colleges offer online doctoral programs. Students pursue their studies through email, virtual lectures, traditional homework and email. Courses can be tailored to meet each student's needs.

By pursuing online PhD programs, students can:

  1. Save time and energy commuting to campus.
  2. Pursue the degree at their convenience.
  3. Complete doctoral study in less than the traditional three years.
  4. Maintain their present job and income.

Verify the accreditation of online doctoral programs

Online paper mills have sprung up that offer courses of study and degrees, but their degrees do not command respect. Rather than getting a "degree you buy," be sure that you are expending energy on a course that will advance your career.
nationally recognized accrediting agencies that guarantee the quality of education offered by institutions of higher learning. Also, if your field of study is one that is licensed, be sure the degree program is recognized by the licensing bureau; for example, a program on public health.

Choose a university that offers accredited online doctorate programs

Major players offering accredited online doctoral degrees are the University of Phoenix, Capella University, Walden University and Argosy University. Other universities also offer online doctorate programs in various fields.

Seek funding to get your online doctorate

As with undergraduate and master's degrees, scholarships are available for the pursuit of online doctoral degrees. Criteria must be met, no matter the type of learning. However, some scholarships exist for online learning.
Walden University, which is entirely online, offers scholarships for doctorates. The University of Phoenix  also offers financial options for those seeking online doctoral degrees.
  • When considering what type of online doctorate to pursue, examine your employer's needs and pick a course of study that will make you more valuable.
  • Set specific times and days for study once you embark on the curriculum. It's too easy for work and family responsibilities to interfere with your online doctoral studies.

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