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Internet marketing research provides businesses with the opportunity to learn much more about their target market. As an online ...

learn much more about their target market. As an online business owner, talent and experience can only get you so far. Learning more about your target market gives you the leverage you need to fulfill their needs, increase sales and develop effective strategies and marketing plans to grow your business.

Online market research is a quick and relatively cost effective way to get the answers you need. Using online search engines, you can easily search billions of websites in just seconds. The market research data you receive can help you find and qualify prospective customers and decide whether to pursue a new line of business, product or service. Online marketing research is an essential part of any business plan, since understanding your customers' needs makes it easier to fulfill them and stay ahead of your competition. This guide will show you:

  1. How to gather online market research with surveys
  2. How to find business and market research websites
  3. How to use news resources as an online marketing resource

Start your web marketing research by surveying your customers


Using an online marketing research survey is a great way to gather demographic and psychographic information about your target market. It can also be a good way to gauge customer response to a new product you are considering, or to make sure you are meeting customer expectations. Use an survey sent through your email marketing software program to make sure you reach all the customers on your list. 

Find business and market research websites for your online market research


Business and market research websites can be an ideal way to see what your competitors are doing or qualify potential customers. Are you planning to create an ecommerce retail website? Are you looking to generate sales leads online? Market research can help you learn whether your business idea is solvent. 

News sources can be a big internet marketing resource


New sources offer important internet marketing reference tools, sometimes for free. They can provide information about what your competition is up to and changes within your industry.

  • Business owners can use a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!, as a free general Internet marketing research tool. These options allow you access to more than 3 billion websites and provide quality information.

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