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A donut store has several advantages as a business venture. For one thing, donuts are delicious. Everyone loves them. Another thing is ...

A donut store has several advantages as a business venture. For one thing, donuts are delicious. Everyone loves them. Another thing is that donut shops still sell cheap treats, while prices of many consumer goods are on the rise.

The cost of ingredients and supplies for a donut shop franchise is relatively low. Likewise, your expense for startup equipment is lower compared to other business ventures you might consider. The basic donut operation concept is a relatively simple one.

Thinking about opening your own donut shop? Ponder these points:

1. Decide how you want to structure your donut shop business.

2. Get training in the donut business.

3. Consider a unique donut business.

Select a business structure for your donut business

How do you want to organize your donut store? You could chose from one of many donut franchises or you might want to open a donut shop that is a stand-alone store. Donut franchises offer the benefits of a standardized operation, while a stand-alone donut shop provides you the freedom to choose your own business model.

Get training for running a donut business and making donuts

Donut franchises offer training in their business model, so you won't be left all alone. As an independent donut store operator, however, you may need training in operating a food service business. And if you're going to open a donut shop, you should know how to make donuts, right?

Consider an out-of-the-ordinary donut shop

As you contemplate opening a donut shop, remember to look at unique opportunities where you can fill a niche. One option is opening a mobile donut shop. Setting up at craft fairs, auctions, fairgrounds and other venues means no permanent location with associated utilities and rent costs. If you want to try a really cutting-edge idea in the donut business, you might consider a donut vending machine. Just imagine providing customers with a fresh, hot donut in less than a minute.

  • Count the cost prior to committing. Can you afford to run your donut shop business at a loss in the beginning?
  • Consider how you can fill a niche that is currently untapped by competitors in the donut business. Offering a new product or unique service, or locating in an under served area, are a few ways you can be competitive.

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