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4 Ways to Optimize Your Online Reputation

Will Deane
, Last Modified
Feb 25, 2019
> Marketing

Nearly everything we do today revolves around something digitally based, regardless of the industry you work in or where you're located. In this digital age, it's more crucial than ever before to ensure that your business's digital presence and online reputation are effectively managed on a daily basis.

With the rise of online reviews, we've seen a notable shift in where consumers are getting their information on products and brands. From claiming your business on various platforms to monitoring reviews about your business, it can be hard to fully grasp what it entails to effectively manage your online reputation, especially if you're stuck playing catch-up. 

Today's best practices call for full attention and awareness of where your brand stands in the eyes of consumers. Here are four surefire ways to ensure you're effectively managing your business's online reputation. 

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1. Ask for reviews.

Online reviews are not only good for your business's reputation, they're also bountifully helpful to potential customers. If you're not spending the time and energy asking for valuable feedback, your customers likely won't take the time out of their hectic schedules to do so either. In today's world, online reviews have replaced word-of-mouth in terms of reliability and value in the eyes of consumers worldwide, with roughly 88 percent of people taking reviews into consideration prior to moving forward with any purchases. 

2. Monitor your social footprint. 

Social media is the segue into your business's day-to-day and allows consumers and potential customers to find you with ease. If you're not mining and maintaining your social channels, you could be losing out on customers and minimizing your reach in any and all search results, which in turn hurts your SEO ranking. By updating all of your social channels on a regular basis and engaging in conversations with thought leaders and consumers within and outside of your field, you're capitalizing on the free platform these social channels give you access to, likely leading to higher conversion rates.

3. Practice transparency.

By being transparent with the public, you create a space for trust within the minds of consumers. One may think that this would be commonly practiced going into 2019. Though the act of being transparent is seemingly up-and-coming, do your business and/or brand a favor and start implementing this practice sooner rather than later. Staying ahead of the curve in 2019 will mean unapologetic transparency for the greater good of consumers – something that will put you on the map to begin with (and who doesn't want that?). 

4. Make all of your content easily accessible.

Having content means nothing if current and potential customers can't easily find it. If you have a blog, success stories and whitepapers all regarding the vertical your business falls within, it's best for all of those resources to live in one central location, such as your business's website, or even a Tumblr page. This gives consumers easy access to your various resources that give them insight into just what your company does, and how it could benefit their lives. In addition, you're not sending them on a wild goose chase around the web, therefore encouraging them to leave your website and forget they ever clicked on it. We all want to drive conversion rates, and if you grant easy access to a wide variety of content in one central location, the odds are stacked with you.

Regardless of the size of your business, it's crucial to follow these four steps to ensure you stay in the good graces of consumers far and wide. The "brand it and forget it" tactic is no longer viable in the digital age. Here, adaptability reigns supreme. Are you on board?

Will Deane
Will Deane
I’m Will Deane — an entrepreneur with extensive experience and proven success building and maintaining start-up businesses. Currently, I’m overseeing my latest entrepreneurial feat, Unstoppable Co., a digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas. I have the ability not only to transform a business and elevate their profits, but also understands the human element behind communicating with consumers, and teaching my methods to clients. Outside of my success in enhancing the visibility, profitability and longevity of numerous businesses, I was recently featured on Ikonick's — a recent canvas art printing investment of Scooter Braun and Gary Vaynerchuck — podcast discussing various aspects of connecting with your customers, and building highly-functioning teams. I’m a published expert in the field of all things business, like creating a highly functioning and profitable remote team, leading with empowerment rather than fear, digital marketing and the human psychology behind consumerism, to list a few.
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