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Oranges are one of the most consumed and used fruits on the planet. A tree fruit, they are considered a staple in many desserts. With ...

Oranges are one of the most consumed and used fruits on the planet. A tree fruit, they are considered a staple in many desserts. With many types of oranges from which to choose, they are versatile and can be used in savory applications as well as sweet ones. For your restaurant to be successful, you need to include oranges in many varieties on your menu.

Growing oranges is relatively easy, provided you live in the right climate, to give you the freshest mandarin oranges and navel oranges. If you don't have the space, climate or green thumb to grow oranges yourself, order directly from California orange growers or growers of Florida oranges. To find the best oranges for your kitchen, you should:

1. Peruse your recipes to determine the volume of oranges you will need for the dishes on your menu and to determine new varieties you’d like to try.

2. Find reputable orange brokers in your area for the freshest oranges at the best price.

3. Purchase oranges in bulk or wholesale to save money and help clear inventory from orange farmers.

Pick the orange varieties you use most in your kitchen

There are many varieties of orange -- mandarin (small and sweet), Florida & California, Blood (scarlet red and popular in cocktails), Navel, Berna (perfect for cooking, virtually seedless) and Valencia, just to name a few of the 32 varieties of sweet and sour oranges. The variety of orange you choose to use in your dish should depend on the intensity of the orange flavor and sweetness you want in the dish.

Find reputable orange brokers

The best place to find the highest quality oranges is at a local farmer's market or from the nearest orange grower. Another option, especially if you want more control over the quality, size and flavors of the oranges, is to grow them yourself. This can be done by planting orange seeds or trees in a temperate to warm climate.

Purchase wholesale oranges to save money

To save money on oranges purchase them wholesale. This is especially good if you need large quantities of oranges, need an assortment of varieties, or want to split the cost between two restaurants. Many wholesalers will also offer you loyalty or advance ordering discounts.
  • To get optimal juice from an orange, roll it on the counter before cutting it or zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Hold the orange cut side against your hand to capture seeds when squeezing over a dish.

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