Outreach Techniques You Can Adopt From Other Industries To Improve Your Career

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You can learn a lot from other business' outreach techniques by looking at other industries. Learn how to apply their tricks inside.

Outreach is done in nearly every industry in one form or another. The different techniques throughout different industries can sometimes be modified to fit multiple industries.

Sales outreach can be one of the most profitable jobs especially if a person is a pro at closing a deal or setting a meeting.

On the other hand having a great marketing outreach team can help build a brand of epic proportions.

One thing is for certain, outreach plays an integral part in a majority of the industries in the world today.

The following are some outreach techniques you can adopt from other industries to improve your job performance and career.

Use Direct Mail Outreach Like a Lawyer

Criminal defense and personal injury lawyers are pros at direct mail outreach. Many people receive quite a lot of mail when they have been involved in a car accident or arrested. Depending on what city you live in, there can be stacks of letters from lawyers that can represent you in whatever situation you are in. Just like emails, the ones that look prepackaged without any personalization will be quickly thrown away. The personalized ones, on the other hand, might end up getting a call from the person in need.

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What You Can Learn From This?:  

  • A personalized letter goes a lot further than an email that looks like it came out of a spam file.
  • People should be directly contacted when possible if they are in need of your service. Direct mail can be the fastest way to reach somebody especially if they don’t answer phone numbers they do not recognize.
  • The point of this is to set a meeting so a call-to-action is needed in your call or letter.

Outreach via Email and Social Media Like a Content Marketer

Many people who own blogs have gotten the pitch from an “author who loves the site and wants to write for it” with poor grammar and zero unique features so it can be sent to the masses. We are not talking about these poor souls, we are talking about those people who seem to get on quite a few big sites because of their outreach techniques combined with great writing skills.

These marketers do everything from reach out to people on social media, whether it is Twitter or LinkedIn, looking for opportunities to build their personal brand. For example, if a writer wanted to become a thought leader on how the Tesla Model Y will shape the world, they would reach out to an automotive blog or clean energy blog in order to contribute an article.

They would use LinkedIn to find the editor of the site then another tool to find the contact info. Then they get to their personalized pitch that has to catch the eye of the editor.

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What You Can Learn From This?:

  • Subject lines will make or break your conversion rate on the responses you receive. Boring or generic subject lines tend to get lost or deleted much more frequently than clever or unique subject lines.
  • Following up with different forms of social media can be very effective. Do not send a barrage of Tweets at someone each day to get them to respond but make sure others can see they haven’t responded. The odds are they might be traveling and bugging them like this might make them not want to work with you.
  • Contact info can be found as well as the person you want to speak with via LinkedIn very frequently. If you can’t find the contact info you are looking for find a random staff member’s email and ask them if they can point you in the right direction.

Follow Up With Calls and Texts Like a Mortgage Broker

Recently when researching this article I input my information on a very popular real estate site about thinking about getting a mortgage. Within a few minutes of my submission, I had a few missed calls and texts from various brokers looking to answer any questions that I had. The next day all but one followed up again by text and call.

This type of persistence is important as it always isn’t convenient to call or meet with someone so it could slip their mind. Following up increases sales. It can push someone from "almost ready to buy" to actually making a purchase. They just needed a little push.

Things You Can Learn From This:

  • Being the first to contact someone can lead to an immediate sale especially when a contact form is filled out or information is submitted.
  • It isn’t always convenient to speak or meet with someone so being persistent might pay off.
  • Sometimes people would rather text to set a meeting or even email. A call, a text, and an email all coming through is nearly impossible to ignore.

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You can learn quite a bit from people who are the best in their field at outreach regardless of the industry. Implement some of these tactics and attitudes into your outreach strategy to boost your production and impact your career for the better. Outreach is something that not all are great at so work on your skills until you are.

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