Oxygen Therapy Equipment and Supplies

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Patrons of oxygen bars claim that occasional use of oxygen therapy equipment decreases stress, increases attention, boosts energy, ...

Patrons of oxygen bars claim that occasional use of oxygen therapy equipment decreases stress, increases attention, boosts energy, enhances the quality of sleep, relieves allergies, eliminates migraines and hangovers, and improves overall physical and mental health. A variety of health, beauty and entertainment businesses including gyms, fitness clubs, spas, salons, nightclubs, java shops and chiropractic offices have capitalized on these claims and realized increased profits.

A typical oxygen bar consists of oxygen containers connected to disposable nose tubes. A filter removes any extraneous gasses like nitrogen. The oxygen then moves through a flask of aromatic solution, like citrus or mint, producing a scented, flavored vapor which travels to the nose. Inhalation of surrounding air with the oxygen prevents an overdose. Customers typically pay one dollar per minute to receive this oxygen therapy supply for 5 to 20 minutes. Before purchasing oxygen therapy equipment and oxygen therapy supplies consider the following:

1. Check with your state licensing board to determine if it is legal for your business to use oxygen therapy products to dispense oxygen for recreational use.

2. Query your customers to determine their interest in the possibility of your business providing an oxygen therapy supply.

3. Explore renting oxygen therapy equipment.

Pilot test oxygen therapy equipment

Some providers of oxygen therapy supplies rent oxygen bars for special events and parties. Consider renting a unit for a week or two as a trial period.

Purchase oxygen therapy equipment and supplies

These providers of oxygen therapy equipment are also providers of oxygen therapy supplies. They have a large selection of aromatic solutions. Many of these flavorings have their own therapeutic effects. For example, lavender is calming; rosemary enhances memory, and eucalyptus fights mental fatigue.

Customize your oxygen therapy products

These providers of oxygen therapy equipment and supplies allow you to brand the oxygen bar with your business name, select the number of user stations and pick colors and materials to match your business décor.

  • Oxygen is flammable. Implement a no smoking policy. Keep the oxygen cylinder in a well ventilated room.
  • Use only oil-free aromatic solutions. Oily versions can cause lung inflammation.
  • Keep it recreational. Don't make health claims about your oxygen bar. People with chronic illnesses related to their heart, lungs and blood pressure should contact their health care provider before using supplemental oxygen.

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