At Your Service: Payroll Made Easy

By Editorial Staff

How are you handling payroll? Our helpful comparison chart helps you identify the best payroll service for your business.

Pay day: employees love it, employers dread it. Payroll management can be painful and time consuming for any employer but thankfully there are payroll service providers to help alleviate the pressure and stress of running a business. Payroll services have seen benefits from the advancement in technology which ranges from mobile payroll applications to improved interfaces.

According to IRS data, businesses incurred a total of $4.5 billion dollars in payroll tax penalties last year. A large portion of these penalties were incurred by small business owners who opted to handle payroll processing in-house. Business owners who think they’re saving time and money by processing payroll themselves might be doing quite the opposite. Payroll processing is time consuming and complicated. If you’re still handling payroll manually, it might be to time consider a payroll service provider so that you can focus on growing your business.

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Every business has different requirements and budgets for their payroll processing, but thankfully, a large number of payroll service providers exist to aid businesses. Given the wide range of options, it’s important to compare their features and rates to determine which provider works best for your business. Whether its a matter of payroll frequency, mobile compatibility, or a user-friendly management tool interface, there is a payroll service provider that suits your needs.

The Payroll Services Comparison Chart allows you to explore your options side-by-side so that you can make an informed buying decision to keep your payroll on par. 

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