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Personal life coaching can help you shape up key aspects of your life and help you deal with career changes and major life events. A ...

Personal life coaching can help you shape up key aspects of your life and help you deal with career changes and major life events. A personal coach is not a counselor or therapist, however. In many ways, personal coaching methods are similar to those used by business or executive coaches, but the concept has been expanded to cover more of your personal life-relationships, family matters, productivity, personal satisfaction and career to name a few.

A personal coach offers fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, as well as methods to hone thinking, decision-making and relational skills. A personal coach can help clients establish goals and objectives and then develop strategies for reaching those goals.

Many considerations go into a decision to pursue personal life coaching, including:

  1. Methods for determining how a personal coach can help you.
  2. Strategies for sifting through and narrowing the many personal life coaching choices available.
  3. Career paths that lead to jobs in personal coaching.

Determine what you hope to achieve from personal coaching

The decision to hire a personal coach may center around the desire to have an accountability partner who will monitor your progress as you implement action plans to improve a specific area of your life. Before hiring a personal life coach, consider the many different and diverse reasons for seeking out personal coaching--such as climbing the career ladder faster, feeling more fulfilled at work, improving relationships with family and partners or learning parenting skills that benefit both the child and parent.

Choose a qualified personal coach

The personal coaching profession is growing rapidly due to its effectiveness. However, weeding through the vast number of personal coaching professionals on the market can be daunting. When choosing a personal coach, check for credentials and specialization in the area where you need help most.

Choose a method for interacting with your personal coach

Personal coaching methods are not constrained to a standardized schedule or means of contact. Some people work best with coaches when they are face to face. Others may prefer the time benefits of working by telephone.

Consider a career as a personal coach

If you are interested in the benefits of personal coaching, consider whether you might be a good candidate for this type of career.
  • Consider specific areas of your life you want to improve before choosing a personal coach.
  • Determine the skills needed in your personal life coach and check for credentials.
  • Personal life coaching requires a commitment on your part. Make sure you have the time to devote to it.

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