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There are many different types of pharmaceutical lab equipment. After all, laboratories develop and manufacture the medications on the ...

There are many different types of pharmaceutical lab equipment. After all, laboratories develop and manufacture the medications on the market today. In order to comply with regulations, they must use items such as sterilization equipment and in order to handle the chemistry behind developing and mixing today’s drugs, scientists must have access to tools such as microscopes and centrifuges. Understanding some of the key terms related to pharmaceutical lab equipment will give people a better understanding of what types of things used to develop and manufacture today’s medications.

Capsule sealing

Filling and sealing equipment fills those medications that come in capsule form. These pieces fill the drug capsules with either powder or liquid forms of drugs and then seal them with either bands or microspray technology.


Sterilizers clean and decontaminate laboratory equipment and utensils. This can be done with steam or dry heat. An autoclave is a common type of sterilizer used by many pharmaceutical labs and medical facilities.


Microscopes are pieces of pharmaceutical lab equipment used to magnify objects you can't see with the naked eye. There are many types of microscopes, and some used in pharmaceutical labs are powerful enough to magnify the components of drugs down to the molecular level.

Mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer measures the characteristics of individual molecules. This comes in handy in a pharmaceutical lab because often, new drugs come from the combination of many different substances. It is important to be able to break the chemical composition of these drugs down so companies can develop and record the exact formulas.
Michigan State University website delves deeply in to the definition and uses of mass spectrometers.

Laboratory centrifuges

When a lab wants to separate the different substances in a compound, it uses laboratory centrifuges. This is an important piece of pharmaceutical lab equipment since medications are often a combination of different ingredients. Centrifuges spin liquids at a high rate of speed, causing particles of different densities to separate.

Pill counter

After the drugs have been developed and sealed in their capsules, the pill counter comes into play. This tool uses weight and mass measurements based on specific drug information that you enter to gauge how many pills are on the trays. Some machines even dispense the medication into the proper bottles automatically.

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