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When U.S. companies look to outsource their business processes overseas, the call center industry in the Philippines is a first choice. ...

When U.S. companies look to outsource their business processes overseas, the call center industry in the Philippines is a first choice. They have the best telecommunications infrastructure in Asia. Regarding service at each call center, Philippines officials credit their employees' fluency and understanding of Western culture to their Americanized education system and mandatory requirements to speak English in education, business, medicine and government systems.

A Filipino call center accommodates the Western culture better than other Asian call centers, and their background, education and fluent English with a neutral accent ensure quality service for Americans. For an overview of Philippines call center basics, review the following information:

  1. A call center in the Philippines provides centralized customer service.
  2. A Philippine call center focuses on customer service.
  3. Outsourcing to a Philippines call center reduces expenses.

Filipino call centers serve various fields of business


Call center companies in the Philippines provide a centralized customer service center for your processing needs. Their customer care specialists/customer service representatives respond to and initiate customer contact for businesses. Industries employing Philippine call centers range from mail order, telemarketing, help desks, financial services, insurance companies, transportation and freight to hotels and information technology companies.

Customer service is the goal of a Filipino call center


Every night in the Philippines call centers, thousands of young men and women log onto their computers, ready their headsets and start accepting telephone calls from the Western world. Equipped with good listening skills and a neutral accent, they are ready to interact with customers in English, whether it is in reference to business or current events. These employees set a high bar for service they deliver.

Outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines is a cost saver


If you are seeking less expensive labor for backroom business processes, outsourcing to the Philippines may be the answer. Businesses report anywhere from a 14-50% cost savings by using call centers in the Philippines. This cost saving results in more profit for your business.

  • Continue to watch for reports and news about call centers; Philippines call centers continue to grow, develop and yield results. Since 2001, the Philippines Board of Investments (BOI) estimated the growth rate of the Philippines call center industry at 100 percent. BOI forecasts global demand to reach 170 billion dollars by 2010.
For more information about outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines, visit our guide pages "Making the Most of Call Center Outsourcing" and "Call Center Outsourcing Key Terms."

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