The New Normal: Pivoting Your Marketing Strategy to Target Omni-Channel Shoppers / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The new hot button for today’s marketing strategists is the omni-channel shopper, the customer who engages both online and offline.

As consumer trends continue to evolve, so too must the art of selling.

Now more than ever before, the overall buying demographic is wired into instant gratification purchases, and focused comparison shopping, courtesy of growing technological sophistication.

The new hot button for today’s marketing strategists is the omni-channel shopper: the customer who is as involved with the shopping experience in a brick and mortar store as they are engaged in shopping online with a desktop or mobile device.

The ease of smartphone usage coupled with expansive technological capabilities makes omni-channel shoppers an ever-expanding group in number and buying potential, so much so that retailers must now pivot from traditional marketing strategies to those that recognize, and subsequently cater to, the increasing overall number of omni-shoppers populating the marketplace.

multidevice usage

Why Do You Need to Adapt to Accommodate Omni-Channel Shoppers?

What exactly is omni-channel marketing?

Simply stated, it is a multi-channel approach to sales/selling, the goal of which is to provide consumers with seamless shopping experiences, irrespective of shopping environment (physical vs. online). The all-encompassing buying approach of omni-shoppers is creating an entirely new dynamic that retailers must adapt to.

Think back to the pre-online age, when marketing focused exclusively on in-store visual appeal and aggressive news media advertisements. Once cyber shopping became a phenomenon, marketing veered toward customer-specific enticements like free shipping and expansive product selections. Mating these two aspects of consumerism brings us to the new emerging reality of omni-channel shoppers.

shopper with a cell phone

Reaching the Omni-Market Shopper

So how does a creative marketer reach the omni-shopper? First, know who and what omni-shoppers represent, then take a deeper dive into their buying prerequisites.

Social media is an increasingly significant portion of standard target marketing for the omni crowd, and it is a promotional area than cannot be ignored. Not only can you reach your audience with special online offers, but you can also take a look at what they are talking about, too. This gives you the opportunity to better tailor your pitch to your audience.

Second, it’s important to satisfy omni-shoppers’ thirst for immediately accessible information, from product specs to availability to seller’s geographic location. The smartphone is the sidearm of choice in 2015’s world of goods and services, and having all pertinent data ready for a cruising omni-shopper may be the difference between sale and no sale.

Third, develop and maintain a corporate infrastructure that understands the omni-shopping experience and is adept at serving that customer base.  Marketing is worth nothing if it cannot be supported by a sales team that provides high levels of customer service and satisfaction.  Lastly, know that the key to omni-shopping is simplicity—omni-shoppers want simple transactions in their buying forays, and the K-I-S-S principle is one to adhere to.

No matter what your business does, whether selling thousands of widgets to providing modestly-priced website design, the concept of omni-channel marketing is an important one to monitor. Proactive is definitely better than reactive in this case, as the consumer landscape continues to evolve with omni-channel shoppers playing a larger role. Ultimately, the most successful marketers and sellers will be those who fulfill the needs of an increasing, and demanding, omni-shopper demographic.





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