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Restaurant seating furniture is an integral part of a restaurant's design. Whether you plan to use traditional tables and ...

Restaurant seating furniture is an integral part of a restaurant's design. Whether you plan to use traditional tables and chairs, tall tables and restaurant stools, or cozy dining booths, you should carefully consider your restaurant seating plan. Your restaurant furniture should match your dining concept or theme and enhance the overall look of your restaurant.

Restaurant seating goes beyond the dining room. The waiting area, lounge, bar and function room should all be given careful consideration when selecting restaurant furniture and planning a seating chart.

A well thought out restaurant seating plan should:

  1. Allow for easy flow of traffic throughout the restaurant.
  2. Maximize floor space, allowing for more tables and booths.
  3. Enhance the ambience of a restaurant.

Consider your restaurant theme

A restaurant that serves fine French dinners and wine by the bottle has different commercial seating needs than a diner that specializes in cheeseburgers and fries. It is important to think of the atmosphere you are trying to achieve in your restaurant and let the restaurant seating reflect that.

Save space with restaurant booth seating

If your restaurant offers limited space for tables and chairs, consider purchasing restaurant booths. Dining booths come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Restaurant booth furniture can add warmth and coziness to a restaurant dining room.

Save money by purchasing used restaurant seating

One of the biggest expenses of opening a new restaurant is outfitting the dining room. Commercial seating doesn't come cheap. However, you can pick up gently worn tables, chairs, booths and bar stools at a fraction of the price through restaurant auctions and used equipment dealers.

Make a statement with your restaurant seating plan

Skip traditional low tables and chairs and purchase tall pedestal tables with high restaurant stools for a sleek, sophisticated look. Tall restaurant stools are very popular with customers and can work in both the bar area and the dining room.
  • Avoid placing tables near the front entrance, restrooms, kitchen doorways and wait stations. If you are limited on space, use dividers to separate the restaurant seating from these areas.

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