Planning Success with Builder Apps for Your iPhone / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The most crucial task in building any new business start up, while often the most overlooked, is constructing a detailed business plan....

The most crucial task in building any new business start up, while often the most overlooked, is constructing a detailed business plan. Without a plan in place detailing your approach, your finances and your goals, any business venture is bound to end in financial ruin.

Thankfully, creating a business has never been easier than it is with all of the modern technology available to us; even your Apple iPhone can prove to be a valuable business partner.

If you're planning to launch a new business venture, here are four business plan builder apps for your iPhone:

1. Business Plan for Entrepreneurs

Launching any business scheme is a complicated process and business plans tend to be, by association, complicated themselves.

The Business Plan for Entrepreneurs iPhone app assists you immensely by breaking down the process into nine critical steps, helping you to be sure that you cover all of your bases when designing your business plan and envisioning the future.

Featuring not only business plan templates but a wealth of information as well, this app aims to educate would-be business owners with a companion iBook covering all of the basics. Once this information has been reviewed, you have access to examples of completed plans in order to better understand the look and feel of the details necessary to your business plan.

When you feel ready, willing and able to start integrating specific numbers and goals, blank templates covering marketing plans, budget planning and an overall business plan await.

2. Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Given the passion with which most people approach the launch of any new business venture, it is important to many future business owners to construct their business plan from scratch. When taking this approach, there are two types of files that you are absolutely certain to need: text documents and spreadsheets.

The Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite for iPhone allows you to view and edit these types of documents, whether they were created in Microsoft Office, Google Docs or any other base program.

With the full power of an office suite, this app can prove to be the most powerful business plan maker for the iPhone available, especially if you enjoy working with raw spreadsheets..

3. EverNote for iPhone

If the main goal of creating a business plan is to combine your resources, ideas and goals in order to come up with a viable, workable framework then being sure that you have constant access to your best and brightest ideas is of absolute importance.

Before diving into your official business plan, consider taking the time to brainstorm first, using the EverNote app to quickly record and review text notes, voice memos and photos while also syncing them directly to your PC for future reference.

During quieter times, use these golden "eureka" moments to help shape a detailed business plan based on your own individual wants and needs, embracing both the gritty numbers and the joy of turning your fleeting ideas into concrete results.

4. iPhone Analytics App

If your website is an integral part of the business you're planning, knowing and understanding your traffic and visitors is crucial. In the interest of keeping your business planning limited to your iPhone, consider the iPhone Analytics app to fill this need.

Giving you access to all of your Google Analytics data and presenting it in an attractive format on the small iPhone screen, this app offers 47 different types of traffic reports, allowing you to better wrap your head around where your business is on the web - and where you want it to be.

About the Author: Tom Chu is the SEO manager at PsPrint, a printing company that has a department in Chicago. PsPrint specializes in business card and poster printing among other popular services. Find me in Google+


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