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A plastic extruder takes semi-melted plastic and sends it through a plastic extrusion die. As the plastic extrusions cool, machines cut ...

A plastic extruder takes semi-melted plastic and sends it through a plastic extrusion die. As the plastic extrusions cool, machines cut them to the right length. Plastic extrusion companies are able to produce custom plastic extrusions at a low cost because there is very little material wasted during the plastic extrusion process.

The majority of plastic extrusion companies use screw extrusion machines to make their plastic extrusion products. However some, plastic extrusion molding must be manufactured with a ram if the plastic's extrusion base material doesn’t melt to a soft enough material for a screw extrusion machine to efficiently mold it.

Custom plastic extrusions are only as good as the company that makes them. The plastic extrusion manufacturer you choose should meet certain standards:

1. Pay a visit to the plastic extrusion plant to make sure the plant operates with the latest in plastic extrusion machinery.

2. Seek references from a plastic extrusion manufacturer's past clients.

3. Find a full-service plastic extrusion manufacturer who can set up his equipment to meet your needs now and in the future.

Search for plastic extrusion companies that provide standard products

If you can make use of plastic extrusion products, you can save money. Many plastic extrusion products on the market today are standard size and you may be able to adapt the existing product to meet your needs.

Work with plastic extrusion companies that have expertise in plastic extrusion design

Find a company with the plastic extrusion equipment and technical knowledge to create the plastic extrusion designs you need for your business.

Get custom plastic extrusions

Find just the right combination of plastics. Locate plastic extrusion companies that can combine as many processes as possible to save you money.
  • Plastic extrusions can help you solve design problems by getting just the right mix of plastics. You can make plastic extrusions that have anti-friction as well as anti-static properties. Plastic extrusions can also be set to meet strict weight-bearing guidelines. The right combination of plastics can be both environmentally-friendly and still stand up to anything.

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