Plastic Recycling Industry Overview / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Any recycling industry overview will show that the plastic scrap recycling industry has grown more profitable in the past decade. With ...

Any recycling industry overview will show that the plastic scrap recycling industry has grown more profitable in the past decade. With the rising costs of petroleum, plastic scrap recycling saves natural resources and reduces production costs.

A recycling plastic business includes a large base of scrap suppliers, a recycling plant, shipping facilities, and buyers of the end product. Recyclers of plastic prefer to purchase directly from larger suppliers, such as retail stores and chain restaurants. Any successful recycling plastic business needs an uninterrupted supply of scrap plastic.

A large scale plastic recycling business cannot rely on individuals recycling plastic bags and recycling plastic bottles to build a profitable business. A plastic recycling industry overview must also address the potential energy savings for plastic recycling factories. If your business can guarantee a consistent bulk supply of plastic scrap, buyers will offer you an above average market price.

1. Contact several plastic scrap buyers to get a per-pound and per-ton estimate for scrap plastic.

2. Offer to act as a middle man for smaller suppliers of plastic recycling supplies.

3. Start a recycling campaign at local offices and education institutions to increase your recycling supply.

Work with a large national plastic recycling business

A national plastic recycling business stays in business by having reliable sources for scrap plastic. The largest domestic plastic recycling firms have multiple collection locations and be a shrewd scrap plastic buyer. To become a national level plastic scrap buyer, a company must have many sources and monitor the international market prices for scrap and transportation costs. Before contacting plastic recycling companies, firm up the amount of scrap plastic you can supply.

Assist businesses with plastic scrap recycling from a green business perspective

The plastic recycling business has always appealed to environmentally minded businesses. Plastic scrap recycling companies also work directly with local and regional solid waste haulers and offer a guaranteed price for post-consumer scrap plastic. Many businesses are turning green and coordinating a plastic recycling network is very profitable. Contact small business owners and provide them with recycling containers to establish a supply network for plastic recycling.

Work with several plastic scrap buyers

The plastic recycling business has become more competitive with a growing international presence in America. Recycling is cost-effective for numerous business that depend upon synthetic materials such as manufacturers of molded plastic items. Increased demand has created a more competitive pricing structure for scrap plastic.

  • The plastic recycling business begins with supply and demand. The scrap plastic market is much more competitive than before; to be successful, your company must expand the available supply of post-consumer plastic scrap.

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