Plugged In: Tips for Keeping Your Tech Team Inspired / Education / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Finding good talent is one thing, but how do you keep your tech team happy and motivated? Tips for engaging your IT staff ahead.

You’d think that major companies like Tesla and Apple would have the best and brightest talent available, given their position and prestige in the industry.

And while it’s true they might, there’s a strong possibility they don’t.

At many startups and established firms in Silicon Valley, engineering jobs are highly competitive.

Companies are on the lookout for the best of the best, and some even go so far as requiring engineers to sign non-compete agreements to prevent brain drain.

But, luckily for businesses, there’s a way to ensure you’re weeding out the less than stellar talent in order to get the best of the best.

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Improve Recruiting Efforts

By taking the time to boost your recruitment activities and efforts, you also increase your chances of finding good talent. You can’t just rely on choosing new employees from the candidates who walk in your door or answer one of your ads.

Take time to develop relationships with local university placement offices and recruiters. These people can help identify talent you may not otherwise find with your job ads.

Create a program that allows your current staff members to actively participate in networking opportunities that may bring you new, qualified candidates. Encourage participation in professional industry associations, and look for conferences they can attend. For instance, you could turn to the Association of Software Professionals or the International Society of Software Engineering to connect with other professionals and learn more about industry conferences. You can also use the professional association websites to advertise jobs,

Monitor online job boards for potential candidates who have posted their resumes online, even though they may not currently be looking for a job. Sites like Careerbuilder and Monster allow potential employees to post resumes to make it easier for job offers to come to them.

This will allow you to build an improved candidate pool for when you need to bring on a new hire.

Continued Training Efforts

With the fast paced industry and how quickly it changes, a good employee today will not always be a good employee five years from now. This means your business needs to make sure your employees have ways to continue their learning.

Your business can conduct hands-on workshops to improve experience in various areas, for instance – here you can work with other companies and experts. Allow employees to learn programming with online tutors or nurture side projects to bolster their entrepreneurial skills. The moment you allow your employees’ learning skills to stagnate is the moment that they become stagnant.

When you are no longer working with skilled employees who are up to date, your business will suffer.

Bottom Line

In the information age, human resources should be among the most valued of resources. However, survey data shows a different picture. Only 19 percent of IT employees surveyed provided a positive answer when asked about how happy they were on their job. About 36 percent of IT employees stayed there career path and promotions are unclear to them because they don’t have opportunities for professional growth.

A meager 17 percent of IT employees say they feel strongly valued at work, and only 28 percent of them know their company's mission and vision. Less than half (47 percent) of respondents say they have strong relationships with their coworkers. In other industries, 56 percent of employees have strong relationships.

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These are all roadblocks that keep IT employees from doing their best work. It’s bad news for the industry – especially if your business relies on having the best of the best in terms of technology.

In the end, any business is only as strong as the workforce behind it. To ensure your organization is composed of top talent, provide the following: flexible working environment, opportunities for continued education, a strong benefit package to keep employees motivated, and opportunities for engagement to keep employees happy and working together.

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