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If you're considering a career in podiatry, think about the type of podiatry you want to practice. Your options range from sports ...

If you're considering a career in podiatry, think about the type of podiatry you want to practice. Your options range from sports podiatrist, podiatry surgery, advanced podiatry or pediatric podiatrist. As a podiatrist, you have the opportunity to become work in podiatry clinics or family podiatry centers, or you can use your skills to further learning and help others obtain careers as podiatry doctors by specializing in educational podiatry. Discover where your passions lay so you can steer your podiatry career in the right direction.

Make a five-year and ten-year plan of action for your goals within the field of podiatry. Gear your continuing education toward meeting those specific goals and create a relationship with professors and professionals who are respected in their fields and who are willing to help you achieve success.

1. Select a school to help you achieve your podiatry degree.

2. Join professional podiatry associations to network with others in your field.

3. Use the best resources to locate a job in the field of podiatry.

Choose a school with a strong podiatry program

Research the variety of colleges that offer podiatry programs. Make sure they offer the specialties you're most interested in. Take into account the options offered for taking classes, including home study and online or distance learning programs. Such options make it possible for you to obtain your podiatry degree from a prestigious college regardless of its physical location.

Network using professional podiatry associations

Evaluate the benefits of the various podiatry associations. Locate the associations that focus on your specialty and provide benefits such as conferences and continuing education. Think about joining more than one professional association to maximize your ability to network with others in the podiatry profession.
Georgia Podiatric Medical Association is a state-specific association for podiatrists. You can locate a state-specific podiatric association for nearly every state; contact your local medical college for more information.

Utilize the right resources to further your podiatry career

Save yourself time and money when looking for employment in the field of podiatry by using job listing services that focus solely on the industry of podiatry. Consider the benefits of each site and request a trial period so you can try out the listing service prior to paying for membership.
  • Think about donating your skills to help your community by providing podiatry services to those who need your help the most. It can help your reputation and provide good word-of-mouth advertising.

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