4 Ways to Show Your App Users that You Take Them Seriously

Business.com / Last Modified: November 4, 2016

In the mobile world, you don’t have much time to make a first impression. Here are four ways to show your users that You Take Them Seriously

When you are invested in a relationship with someone, you're inclined to do more for that person. If you're just meeting people without building a solid foundation, you're showing that you aren't taking them seriously. Likewise, when it comes to app development, in the mad rush to acquire as many users as possible, you may not always show your users you actually care about them.

In the mobile world, where each mobile microsecond counts, you don’t have much time to make a first impression. Here are four ways to show your users you take your relationship with them seriously.

1.  Orient them properly

Your app most likely has features that you love and think are great, but you can’t expect your users to automatically know about them, or even to be curious enough to poke around in your app and find them. This emphasizes the importance of not overwhelming your users. Instead, you want to introduce them to features gradually, only as they become relevant for the users. Or, you might only offer it to users who use your app regularly.

2. Use responsive listening

What do your users want to see in your app? Did they like the latest feature you released? Ask them and make sure to listen to their answer.

When asking a question, listen to what your users have to say and respond accordingly. For instance, a hotel app might deliver a survey to users right after they check out, tailoring their response to whatever rating they receive.

3. Restraint and context

If you just met someone for a first date, and they go on about how great they are, you're likely overwhelmed or bored. (Perhaps both). Getting to know someone organically takes time and requires a range of different experiences.

The same goes with new users being shown all of an app’s features at once. Instead, consider a concise onboarding experience that can make users feel confident in their choice to download your app. The onboarding should focus on the core value your app offers and the features that are most important in realizing that value. A carousel or in-app walkthrough, for example, can be a good way to summarize these features, while at the same time driving activity by allowing the user to jump off the carousel at any point to learn more about a particular feature.

Just like a first date, you want to play up your most admired attributes, and be able to elaborate on any of these attributes if asked, so that your date can learn more about you.

4. Be agile 

As an app owner, you should know your customer well, which means you understand their needs and preferences. After all, you spend most of your day figuring out their behaviors and what kind of content would engage them.

Although you may think you know when is the perfect time to invite users to register, what works for one app doesn’t necessarily work for another. For example, some apps are generally successful asking users to register (they may offer additional features or discounts in order to incentivize users to register), but others aren’t. You’ll have to test and see what works best for each app, and your users will show you the results.

As you build your app user community, you'll need to acquire new users while at the same time making a lasting impression. There are many ways to show someone you are serious – it is by no means limited to four. As you deepen your relationship with your user, you'll find more and better ways to show them you care, and they'll be more and more appreciative. And that's the kind of serious relationship you've probably been looking for all along.



Photo credit: LDprod/Shutterstock

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