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Popcorn has become more than just a movie theater snack. Popcorn makers are showing up at malls, children's parties and even in ...

Popcorn has become more than just a movie theater snack. Popcorn makers are showing up at malls, children's parties and even in retail store locations to give customers something to nosh on as they browse aisles. Popcorn equipment has become smaller, less intimidating and more portable.

With increased popularity, also comes more choices. The gourmet popcorn business provides people with popcorn that is more than just plain or buttered. If you are looking to add some popcorn equipment to your business or want to add some gourmet popcorn supplies to your stock, you need to have some background on how popcorn poppers and equipment work.

1. Get knowledgeable on the classes of popcorn makers

2. Find professional training for popcorn makers

3. Use the Internet to locate information on how to correctly operate your popcorn equipment

Know how much popcorn each popcorn maker can handle

Bigger is not necessarily always better. If your popcorn business is scant or scattered, having a large machine that makes a lot of popcorn isn't cost effective or necessary. On the other hand, having a line out the door while a small popcorn popper chugs away isn't good either. Get to understand how long each popcorn maker cycle is and the volume produced during each.

Have a formal popcorn machine training session

If the popcorn machine is going to be used by more than just yourself, you might want to consider having a larger, more formal training session for your workers. Even if it's just you that will be operating it, you need to know how to work the machine, how to service it and how to clean it after a day of use.

Use the Internet to learn how to use popcorn equipment correctly

If you've had training or if you just need a refresher course on how to correctly operate or clean your popcorn machine, hit the Internet for some quick and free training. Most popcorn equipment suppliers include instruction manuals with their products, but it may not always be enough information or contain the information that you need to focus on.
  • When searching for popcorn suppliers or popcorn producers, make sure that their product includes directions on use and is compatible with the type of popcorn equipment you have.

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