Portable Hoists

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Portable hoists offer more flexibility than their stationary counterparts. Use a portable electric hoist if your business requires ...

Portable hoists offer more flexibility than their stationary counterparts. Use a portable electric hoist if your business requires constant travel or keep one handy in your truck for unforeseen situations that arise while you're out on a job that require material handling. In addition to added mobility a portable hoist can be adjustable and fit into spaces where other cranes like forklifts can't go.

Find the portable lifts you need online, whether you're looking for a portable hoyer lift or a portable engine hoist. You have plenty of options from online distributors that will allow you to make a purchase that will suit your business needs, including:

  1. Buy portable hoists perfect for shop use.
  2. Browse online catalogs for portable hoist products.
  3. Find a portable hoyer lift to help with patient transfer.

Find portable hoists perfect for use in your shop

Whether you run an automotive repair business or any other shop that requires heavy material handling, a portable material hoist is a useful tool to have around. When you've got a number of projects going on at once, you want a hoist that a single worker can easily maneuver to any spot that materials lifting is needed. Find portable hoists online from suppliers specializing in products made to fit your shop.

Buy portable hoists from online catalogs

If you aren't sure what type of portable hoist you need, a good place to compare products is in online catalogs. Find a supplier of industrial equipment with a wide variety of hoists and cranes to make your shopping experience easier.

Purchase portable hoyer hoists online

A portable hoyer lift can be a valuable tool to help transfer immobile patients. If you work in health care, find online suppliers of hoyer lifts for discounts and specialty products to improve your patient care.
  • Before purchasing a portable hoist, be sure you know the dimensions of the product so you can be sure it will fit in whatever workspace you need it. Most websites will offer full technical specifications, but if not, contact the manufacturer directly for pertinent information about dimensions and weight capacity.

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