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Pretzel chains supplies and equipment are one of the many costs involved in starting a soft pretzel company. Pretzel chains will ...

Pretzel chains supplies and equipment are one of the many costs involved in starting a soft pretzel company. Pretzel chains will require you to finance funds from around $100,000 dollars to over $380,00 dollars, depending on the size of the operation. These funds cover franchise fees, royalties, advertising and training. In addition, you will also have to budget for supplies and equipment for a new pretzel stand.

The majority of pretzel chains are operated in kiosks. What will be needed to outfit the kiosk for making and serving soft pretzels? One of the most recognizable supplies used in a pretzel shop is the pretzel humidifier and display case. Pretzel humidifiers keep pretzels fresh and moist while displaying the pretzels in an attractive manner. Additional equipment includes an oven, microwave, cleaning supplies and carryout bags.

1. Find a pretzel humidifier and/or display case that fits the needs of your pretzel shop.

2. Locate additional equipment, such as ovens, microwaves, coolers and toasters.

3. Be sure to purchase food bags or carryout trays, napkins, beverage machines and other needed pretzel stand supplies.

Choose the right type of pretzel humidifier and display case used in soft pretzel stores

Pretzel humidifiers keep soft pretzels warm and moist while exhibiting the pretzels to the public in an appealing manner. Display cases can be purchased separately without a humidifier, but then you run the risk that the pretzels will dry out. Warmers can also be combined with ovens, or have double doors and lighted signs. Revolving display cases are another option.

Acquire basic pretzel equipment, like ovens, microwaves and toasters

An oven for baking pretzels and a microwave to soften them are essential for pretzel shops. Pretzel stores also use toasters to give pretzels a crisp texture before placing them in the warmer where they will take on a more doughy consistency. You may also need to purchase freezers, mixers and coolers.

Consider the supplies necessary to operate a pretzel company day to day

Paper products and condiment dispensers may not be the first pieces of pretzel chain equipment you consider, but these items are vital to the day-to-day operation of a pretzel shop. Will you need a beverage or coffee machine? Most pretzel stores sell some type of beverage. Another important consideration is crowd control in front of your shop or kiosk. Belts, posts, signs and stanchions are important to help direct and guide pedestrian traffic.

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