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Steaming, freshly-baked pretzels from pretzel stands are hard to pass up whether they be on a street corner or at a fair, carnival or ...

Steaming, freshly-baked pretzels from pretzel stands are hard to pass up whether they be on a street corner or at a fair, carnival or shopping mall. And with a stand you don't have overhead costs to contend with, launching your business with minimal startup.

Finding that pretzel stands provider who can set you up with a durable cart can prove to be a benefit. You'll also want to look into obtaining merchandising items such as display cases, napkins and all the other supplies that will help you tie up a profit.

Whether you've been in the pretzel business for years or just getting started, consider the following pretzel equipment information:

1. The appeal of pretzel stands may be due to the fact that soft pretzels are easy to eat on the go and are considered healthier than other snack foods.

2. Several concession equipment suppliers offer pretzel stands and related equipment. Make sure you thoroughly research the company you will be doing business with so there are no surprises with your purchase.

3. Although the costs are already low, if you're watching your budget, look for used pretzel stands equipment or rentals.

Find pretzel stands to purchase

In a fun variety of bright colors, mostly red, blue, green or yellow, you'll be able to find an assortment of vending cart options for your pretzel business. Since the whole idea is to be mobile, make sure the stand is easy to transport but also provides ample room to store supplies.

Look for a pretzel stands provider with display cases and warmers

You can't just go out there with the cart and expect to sell your goods. You'll need warmers and display cases to show off your product. The fresher your merchandise, the better chance of a sale as the aroma wafts down the street.

Locate other pretzel stands supplies

Don't forget other extras you'll need in conducting business such as napkin dispensers, pretzel sacks and other items. You can find wholesale products in this category through restaurant supply companies online. After you're rolling in dough, consider getting your napkins and sacks customized with your company logo.
  • When shopping for pretzel stands, list the features you are looking for. Although most vending cart models come with standard options, you may be able to find some extras to enhance your business.

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