Pricing and Costs of Awnings and Canopies / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Canopies and awnings add a touch of your business personality to your building front. Awnings and canopies come in many sizes for ...

Canopies and awnings add a touch of your business personality to your building front. Awnings and canopies come in many sizes for doors, windows or patios and have a number of financial benefits. Commercial awnings can be used to bring in business and to make your building more energy efficient.

When calculating the cost for awnings, you must consider a number of factors: the type of material used for the canopy, the size of the awning and any special features will all affect the price. Also remember that shipping, maintenance, repairs and accessories can add to the pricing and costs of awnings and canopies.

When pricing custom awnings and canopies, consider the following:

1. Compare do-it-yourself awnings to find the lowest costs.

2. Pay more for versatility with retractable awnings and canopies.

3. Get graphics added to your custom awnings when you buy.

4. Rent awnings and canopies to save on short-term needs.

Opt for do-it-yourself awnings to save money

Choosing do-it-yourself canopies and awnings, either made of canvas or metal, lets you get the lowest rates on your building improvements. You can also order do-it-yourself canopies and awnings to fit many different window, door and patio sizes.

Get more options for your buck using retractable window and deck awnings

Whether you want to using window awnings only seasonally, or have a patio that needs deck awnings only during some times of day, retractable awnings may be your best, and most cost effective, option. Retractable awnings can get very expensive, particularly the larger sizes, but offer significant energy benefits and can expand your restaurant or business space to include a larger and more accommodating outdoor area.

Factor in custom graphics when calculating pricing and costs of awnings and canopies

Custom logos and graphics are a great feature of awnings and canopies. Whether you want to add a full color logo or picture or just your establishment's name or address, awnings or canopies with custom graphics can make your business stand out. Pricing on custom graphics varies depending on the colors you use, and can be calculated when you order your awning or canopy.

Save money by renting awnings and canopies

If you'll be using a canopy for a special outdoor event, consider renting rather than buying and pay less. When pricing rental awnings and canopies, remember to include delivery and assembly, any additions you want such as tent walls or floors and the cost for supplying electricity to the tent, if necessary.
  • Factor in the cost for accessories when calculating the pricing of awnings. Motors for retractable awnings are usually sold separately, and adequate hardware for installing awnings may or may not be included in your order.
  • Both metal and canvas awnings require maintenance and care. Factor regular cleaning and repair into the cost of your awnings when considering final prices.

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