Pricing and Costs of Bottled Water / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Business owners today that provide bottled water to their employees have many pricing and payment options available to them. Leading ...

Business owners today that provide bottled water to their employees have many pricing and payment options available to them. Leading bottled water distributors supply the popular beverage in a variety of forms-standard water coolers, cases of half-liter bottles and even counter top dispensers. Many of these companies offer special pricing options to smaller businesses, even if those businesses require service for only one water cooler.

Most bottled water companies make it easy to get bottled water service. These companies accept online requests for price and service quotes. They also allow you to make online purchase orders. Once you've decided on the particular bottled water brands and methods for providing these in your company, contact a reputable supplier for pricing details:

1. Get service quotes on delivery of bottled water for large coolers to your office.

2. Find the most competitive prices on cases of well-known bottled water brands.

3. Check out pricing and delivery options for custom labelled bottled drinking water.

Get personalized service quotes for bottled water delivery to your business water cooler

Most bottled water companies do not have flat fees or standard pricing on their delivery of water coolers. Once you complete a formal request for water delivery, a company representative speaks to you directly about your particular needs. That usually determines pricing and costs of bottled water.

Save money when you purchase bottled water by the case for your office or business

Another cost-effective solution to providing your employees with bottled water is to purchase it in individual bottles sold by the case.

Decide whether to invest in custom labelled bottled drinking water

If you've made the decision to invest in custom labelled water products that advertise your company's brand, search for the supplier offering the best prices for water bottle delivery of these products.
  • Make sure to ask a supplier of custom bottled drinking water about the price for laminated labels. Lamination guarantees that the labels are waterproof and won't peel off when packed in ice.

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