Pricing and Costs of Computer Monitor Filters and Screens / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Pricing and costs of computer monitor filters and screens vary depending on the quality of the screen and the size of the monitor. ...

Pricing and costs of computer monitor filters and screens vary depending on the quality of the screen and the size of the monitor. Monitor filters and screens are available to fit laptop screens, CRT monitors and flat panel LCDs.

Monitor filters can reduce glare, which can result in eye strain and headaches. They block annoying peripheral light from the sun or fluorescent lights. They also reduce radiation emissions when grounded properly and protect a screen from dust, smudges and scratches. When determining the price of screen filters for computers:

1. Look for simple and inexpensive laptop computer monitor filters and screens.

2. Expect to pay more for larger-sized filters for computer monitors.

3. Find filters that offer privacy as well as glare protection at prices just a little higher than a regular filter.

Use a laptop computer monitor sun shield

Laptops can pose problems with glare since they're often used outdoors. Several manufacturers offer simple solutions to reduce glare that are portable and fold up easily. Laptop shields typically cost less than $50.

Choose LCD and CRT computer monitor radiation filters

Many computer filters block up to 99.9% ELF/VLF E-field radiation, as well as providing UV protection and anti-glare filters. Prices for most filters are less than $100, although they can be much higher for high quality glass or larger sizes.

Use an anti-glare screen for privacy

Privacy filters not only reduce light and glare, but also provide security features. When viewed from the side, the screen is completely black. This is an excellent choice for office environments where confidential data is displayed on the screen. For laptop users, security features protect private information when the laptop is used in public.
  • Remember to measure the monitor correctly to get a computer monitor filter that's the right size. Monitors should be measured diagonally. For more detailed measuring instructions, check with the manufacturer of the monitor screen.

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