Pricing and Costs of Condiments, Spreads and Sauces / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The pricing and costs of condiments, spreads and sauces differs based on the business need for the product. Condiment companies ...

The pricing and costs of condiments, spreads and sauces differs based on the business need for the product. Condiment companies specialize in individual packets of sauces, gourmet spreads and sauces, organic sauces and dressings and wholesale condiments. The more gourmet a food product is, the higher the price. However, some gourmet condiments, spreads and sauces are sold wholesale or in bulk, reducing the overall cost.

When budgeting for food condiments, think about all the types of condiments you need. If you run a retail store, you only need jarred and canned condiments. If you run a fast food business or other eatery, you need condiment packets and jugs of condiments for customers who eat in your establishment. Before creating a condiments budget, consider the following:

1. Gourmet condiments include those sold by specialty shops. These are usually packaged for instant presentation or resale, so the cost is higher than average.

2. Organic sauces and spreads are popular and work well in health food stores or healthy eateries.

3. Wholesale sauces are a good deal for fast food businesses that need the basics, such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

Compare pricing for organic food sauces

The best way to get pricing for organic food sauces or condiment spread is by visiting different organic food manufacturers. Since organic foods are a speciality niche, the costs are slightly higher than average.

Order gourmet sauce and other condiments

Gourmet condiments include condiments with fancy ingredients not available in regular supermarkets or typical distributors. These are great for retail stores or small restaurants that want to sell gourmet condiments.

Buy condiments wholesale and save money

Most condiments are available from a wholesale supplier. Some condiment producers even offer their own manufactured products at wholesale prices. Some sites are open to the public, while others require you to register before you can see wholesale pricing.
  • If purchasing main condiments like ketchup and mustard in bulk, check out large manufacturers such as Hunt's for good deals. Most main manufacturers will start a business account with restaurants and other food businesses.

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