Pricing and Costs of Container Leasing and Rental Services

By Leah Kuriluk, writer
Jan 10, 2010
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Container renting costs vary widely, depending on which options you choose

Container leasing and rental services let you choose the size and type of container you want, along with any extras, but these options ...

Container leasing and rental services let you choose the size and type of container you want, along with any extras, but these options can cost you more money. How much you'll end up paying for storage container rentals varies greatly. For instance, a bare-bones refurbished model is generally much cheaper than a custom-designed new container rental.

Factors that determine your container leasing or rental's cost include size, condition, modifications and whether you're leasing or renting. Along with these factors, you should also consider maintenance and moving costs, as well as the cost of reversing any modifications before you return the lease or rental.

1. The amount of time you end up leasing or renting a container for can effect your price tag. Renting for longer periods is generally cheaper than renting for just a few days or weeks.

2. The more options you add, like security features, shelving and other extras, the more your unit will cost. If you need special features or customization, be sure to factor those in.

3. Size matters when picking a container rental. The larger the container's size, the more you'll pay in rental fees, customization and shipping.

Rent a used or refurbished container from container leasing companies

Used and refurbished container renting is usually cheaper, because container leasing services can buy up models used by hauling companies to transport goods. Although these models generally show some wear and tear, most rental companies clean them out and repaint them so that the container looks presentable. Used and refurbished containers may have dents, scratches and other imperfections that come from everyday use, but they still work well for most needs. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $140 a month on a used or refurbished container rental.

Choose a new container rental or lease for more options

Some container leasing companies rent out new containers, constructed or customized specifically for certain roles. Often, these units are optimized to work as a file storage unit, extra office or tool storage. New containers are usually more expensive to rent and lease than used or refurbished containers. This is because they are generally in better condition and allow more customization. New container rentals can cost about $50 to $200 a month. For custom-built units, it's best to ask for details about the pricing and costs of container leasing and rental services.

Consider shipping costs for your container rental unit

Most shipping container rental services charge a fee for delivery. Unlike buying a container, you'll have eventually have to pay for it to be returned too. Always agree on container shipping costs in advance, to prevent surprise fees when the time comes to return it. Shipping your container rental or lease can cost $150 to $300, although prices vary greatly depending on which company you choose. Sometimes, the cost of delivery is included in the rental price. Occasionally a company may offer free delivery with an extended lease.

A container leasing company may charge extra if the container rental is returned dirty, altered or with things inside. It may even charge extra shipping costs if the items in your unit push it over a certain weight. To avoid this type of fee, always remove items from your unit and clean it before returning your container. Ask permission before drilling holes or making other alterations.

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