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Pricing and Costs of Delivered Water

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
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Updated Jul 01, 2022

Setting a delivered water budget for your office

Delivered water can come in a variety of forms.

The most popular form is by large 3- or 5-gallon bottles, but it can come in the form of smaller individual water bottles as well. The price of office water delivery depends mostly on the number of people in your office. Water delivery service plans can either be purchased either per water bottle or include a specific number of bottles to be delivered each month, often for a reduced rate per bottle.

On average, each 5-gallon bottle runs around $7 to $8 each for home deliveries. However, there is often a discount on office accounts because the water delivery companies know you will be ordering multiple bottles at a time. Office prices generally run around $6 a piece. Most times the water cooler dispenser is included in the monthly bottled water delivery service fee. Consider the following when evaluating the pricing and costs of delivered water:

1. How much office drinking water do you think your office will go through on a monthly basis?

2. What type of water would best suit your office?

3. Does your office need individual water bottles as a part of the delivered drinking water?

Estimate how much bottled water you will need from your water delivery company

Most water delivery companies divide their office deliveries into small offices (one to 24 employees) to large offices (25-plus employees). This will give you a general place to start in deciding how much water you will need per month. For example, an office of eight to 10 people will likely go through six to eight 5-gallon water bottles per month. In this case, your monthly drinking water delivery would cost around $45 per month. For offices of 21 to 25 people, you will likely need seventeen to twenty 5-gallon water bottles, bringing your total closer to $100 per month. Often office water delivery services will offer deals for returning bottles or ordering a certain amount of water.

Decide what type of delivered water you want for the office

The price of a water delivery service is also based upon the type of water you choose. Purified and spring water cost about $1 less per 5-gallon bottle than distilled and fluoridated water, which run around $8 each. When choosing a water service provider, inquire about the types of water it offers if that is important to your office. Some providers only have one option.

Determine if your office needs single-serve water bottles in your water delivery

In addition to the large quantity containers, your office may have a need for individual water bottles as well. Most water delivery companies offer the smaller bottles as a part of their monthly service plans. These run between $9 and $15 per case of 24 depending on the size of the single bottles.

  • Keep in mind that water delivery companies often only deliver in certain parts of the country. Some special offers are also only offered in specific regions.
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