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Pricing and Costs of Dental X-Ray Equipment

Harrison Howe

Don't let dental x-ray equipment take a huge bite out of your practice

One of the most expensive pieces of dental equipment can be a dental x-ray unit. With that in mind, budget accordingly when you're preparing to start your practice so the pricing and costs of dental x-ray equipment don't come as a shock. Spending more now, will save you in the long run, because you'll have dental xray equipment that will last you for years and years.

Whether you opt for mounting dental x-rays, a digital dental xray or a portable unit, or go with an intraoral or panoramic dental x-ray, you don't always have to overspend to get what you need. When it comes to the pricing and costs of dental x-ray equipment, consider the following:

1. Buy dental x-ray equipment from the same supplier you purchase your dental supplies from and take advantage of any money-saving programs.

2. Price different kinds of dental x-ray equipment and choose the type that works for your practice and your budget.

3. Save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars by buying used dental x-ray equipment.

Stick with your supplier and enjoy savings on dental x-ray equipment

When it comes to x-ray equipment for dentists, you'll find that loyalty pays off in the dental supply business. Most major dental suppliers offer discounts and other perks to dentists who not only come to them for their sundries, but for equipment as well. Save with rebates, discounts of up to 20% and a reduction on maintenance fees.

Avoid overspending by choosing the right dental x-ray for your practice

Depending on your practice, you may opt for a relatively basic intraoral x-ray, such as the kind that takes bite-wings, rather than for a panoramic machine that can take full-mouth x-rays and can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Or, maybe a more reasonably priced portable unit will be easier for you to operate than mounting dental x-rays. The difference between types of dental x-rays can range from a few to several thousand dollars.

Go for used dental x-ray equipment and soften the hit to your wallet

If you're just starting up a practice and can't purchase new equipment, look into used dental x-rays. You'll find many used x-ray machines from top manufacturers in the business at hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars less than new equipment would cost.
  • Look into a service agreement with whatever dental supplier you buy your dental xray equipment from. You can likely save by avoiding costly repairs down the road when you have regular maintenance on your dental x-ray machine.
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Harrison Howe