Pricing and Costs of Deposit Slips / Accounting / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Pricing and costs of deposit slips vary according to the company you purchase them from and according to the type of slip you need. ...

Pricing and costs of deposit slips vary according to the company you purchase them from and according to the type of slip you need. Businesses use deposit slips to track cash and/or checks deposited into their bank accounts. Electronic deposits, such as those from credit card sales, don’t require a deposit slip, just an entry in the checkbook register.

There are many different types of deposit slips available. Regular preprinted business deposit slips will cost less than multiple copies, book bound or laser deposit slips. You can also make your own printable deposit slips by purchasing software and deposit slip stock. This may be more cost effective, but you do have the work of printing them yourself, so it may not be beneficial to you, especially if you work in a busy office that’s often short on time.

Look at the following when determining the pricing and costs of deposit slips:

1. Find the cost of preprinted business deposit slips.

2. Investigate the cost of multiple copy bank deposit slips.

3. Print your own deposit tickets and save money.

Locate businesses that sell deposit slips for companies

Compare prices for preprinted deposit slips before you buy. Check that your name, address and account number is are included in the basic price and have a clear idea of what extra details add to the base cost of these slips.

Select banking deposit slips for companies that need multiple copies

If you need a copy of your deposit for your records, it's best to purchase deposit slips with more than one copy. These slips cost more, but if there's ever an issue with your deposit, you have the entire slip to refer to, not just the total that's on the receipt the bank provides.

Make your own deposit forms with deposit slip software

When you deposit daily and need receipts for your transactions, it may be time to cut costs by printing your own deposit tickets. Many accounting programs offer this option built in to the software, so check your existing resources before purchasing a new program.
  • Before providing your sensitive data to any company making your banking deposit slips make sure you check that the company is reliable and don't have any previous complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.

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